Scientists have been shocked by a discovery in the Arctic which could completely change the prevalent conception about the drastically changing temperatures in the region. The temperature has soared to 36-degree Fahrenheit which is just around the freezing point of water. Such temperature is normally seen in the month of May and June but never in December.

Arctic temperatures have been soaring in recent times but the loss of Arctic Ice in the summer months are made good in the winter. However, researchers were surprised to find the Arctic temperatures higher than normal. The fleets of buoys in the Arctic waters, which record temperatures, are consistently showing very high temperatures of 0 degree Celsius.

An extremely high pocket of hot air is sitting over the Arctic while an extremely cold pocket is sitting over Siberia. Such high-temperature difference can precipitate freak weather patterns and even storms. Huge amounts of ice have disappeared around the North Pole because of these unusual warm temperatures. According to estimates, the Arctic has lost 57000 square miles of ice in a single day and one of the major factors is said to be the unusually high temperatures in the region.

A huge storm in the North Atlantic near Greenland is causing hot air to be sucked towards the Polar region while extremely cold conditions prevail over Siberia. This strange condition is further melting the Polar Ice cap.

Global Warming is affecting the Arctic climate almost as twice as the climate of the Tropical and the Equatorial regions. Researchers are joking that if the conditions continue, Santa Claus will be forced to exchange his reindeer pulled sledge with a horse driven chariot to distribute gifts for Kids this New Year.

Ever since the Ice and Snow data started publishing since 1978, there has been brief three days periods which has seen such high temperatures in the Polar Region. However this time the rising temperatures have become a much more permanent fixture extending for months together.