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6 things to consider when you choose IT Infrastructure solutions

Capital, office, management, resources, investors, and funding, all chalked out. But is your startup all set up to go live? Well, the answer is NO. As aspirational, ambitious and easy it sounds, starting a business or what the current market calls it ‘startup’ is not that easy. In the process of establishing what the consumer wants, we tend to ignore what the business wants to be able to cater the end consumer better.

The challenge that remains is ‘How to build the right IT infrastructure for your startup.’ One must keep in mind the following:

The Right Ratio

Identify the proportion of the workstations and the server requirements. One can function without a server when it is a company of fewer than five people. But as the number of people increases in the enterprise, server requirements also increase.

Infrastructure needs

When we generally think of a startup, we immediately build a perception of a small business. However big or small a size of the group is, its IT requirements can differ. A particular version of the software might not be right for your business. The needs can quickly outgrow this version and later more money will be invested in the larger version.

Faster network

A common problem faced by many companies is the slow internet. The reason could be the wrong combination of hardware and software. Identifying the correct match of the two can save unwanted expenses.

Reputation and Experience mapping

A typical method that is adopted before spending is to take feedback from the existing users. From buying something for personal use or an organisational requirement, it is essential to look at the reputation of the service provider. The experience of the services provided previously determines the status of that service provider.

Recovery solutions

A full-proof planning can fall flat because of one error. All technical solutions are made of fine technology threads. It is essential to have a set of recovery solutions that can save from any major technology disaster.

Reliable customer support service

It’s an era of quick turn around time. The lesser the time invested in addressing an issue, the better it will be for your business.

With readily available open source and commercial software’s for monitoring, provisioning, infrastructure management, the whole setup can be done easily. Apart from saving cost from hiring dedicated resource or using 3rd party service, the company can build its expertise which will save on the cost as well.

About TechJockey

TechJockey was formed with the idea to become IT advisors and software providers to a large number of SME’s who still don’t have access to reseller. TechJockey has an industry-centric approach and is thus able to provide solution addressing common pain points of customer from Retail, Hospitality, ITES, Manufacturing, Healthcare and many other verticals. Our team of experienced IT consultants guide the buyers from different segments in making the right purchase and help them in optimizing their current inventory. Maximum chunk of our customers are from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who are untouched by OEM’s because of limited reach. Our idea is to bridge this gap and connect millions of SME’s in India to hundreds of OEM’s, domestic and international. Having more than 900+ products from 300+ OEM’s we are helping our customers increase their  productivity while offering a plethora of solutions under one roof.

The article has been written by Akash Nangia, founder of Techjockey. Nangia has been the ex-vice president of Zomato. The founder foresees revolutionary turnaround of the business operations with innovative IT solutions.

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