Confused between iFFALCON QLED TV and Panasonic OLED TV? Here’s an analogy to clarify your doubts

With WFH being widely adopted across India, people are spending more time at home now. At a juncture like this, home entertainment has become more important than ever, especially when it comes to unwinding from the daily work monotony. This is where smart TVs step into the picture, keeping us occupied with various entertainment dozes. In short, smart TVs have become our true entertainment partner to keep us amused as well as informed about the world.

However, for every individual who is looking to buy a new TV or replace their old device, it has become difficult to make the best choice. The smart TV market is overloaded with new and traditional brands that are constantly coming up with new launches, and thus making customers confused about what’s the best fit for them. To help you with this, we present you a quick analogy between two leading smart TVs: Panasonic TH-55FZ950D OLED TV and iFFALCON H71 QLED 4KTV. We hope it will give you greater clarity on which brand to choose and why.


The Panasonic OLED TV features 4K HDR and Hexa Chroma Drive technology for stunning picture quality backed by deep, rich blacks and ultimate contrast ratio. It also offers Multi HDR Support, which enables users to watch content in different HDR formats such as HDR 10, HDR 10+, UHD Blu-ray discs, and Hybrid Log Gamma. The iFFALCON QLED model, on the other hand, comes with the latest advancements like Quantum Dot Technology, Dolby Vision, IPQ Engine, and supports 4K UHD as well as HDR 10 formats. All these features ensure immersive TV viewing experiences for users.


The Panasonic device comes equipped with a Dynamic Blade Speaker to enhance the sound quality of every show or movie you watch. Adding to this is the Panasonic Bluetooth Audio Link that allows users to bring amazing sound from their smartphones or any other device for high-level entertainment at home. When speaking of iFFALCON’s H71, it sports Dolby Atmos, which is an advanced version of Dolby Audio. The device also comes with DTS Smart Audio technology, which further augments the audio output and recreates a cinematic sound experience for users.


Both the devices look slim and stylish due to their minimalistic and bezel-less design approach. These TVs go well with home décor even when they are switched off. And when switched on, the stunning display quality has the potential to take you to an entirely different world.

Control and Connectivity

The devices also come with multiple USB and HDMI ports for a seamless connection. Users can thus connect various devices to the TVs and relish personalized entertainment with superior viewing experiences. However, the iFFALCON H71 also comes with several other smart features that will blow your mind. For instance, it has a hands-free voice control feature, which allows users to operate the TV using simple voice commands without going the traditional remote way. It also features AI-IN through which users can connect other smart home devices with the TV and control all of them together on a single platform (TV). Then it also comes with MagiConnect for casting smartphone content to the TV and also take screenshots on TV and instantly share them on social media.


Coming to the biggest deciding factor, the Panasonic OLED TV is priced at INR 1,88,600, which is too expensive or is meant only for affluent users. But the iFFALCON QLED TV comes at INR 49,999, which is almost four times lesser than the Panasonic model. Both the devices offer amazing features, however, the iFFALCON H71 provides them at a much lower price, and hence without any doubt, becomes the winner of this analogy. Also, iFFALCON H71 operates with the Certified Android TV system which provides 7,000 + APPs and 400,000 movies and shows, which makes it worth the price.

Summing Up

The smart TV market is although full of multiple brands offering superior smart TVs, the ones that pack these features at an affordable rate are ultimately the winners in this tough competitive space. iFFALCON is part of the latter and is definitely one of those brands that have huge potential to lead the way.

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