Losing your valuable data can be a horrible feeling. After losing it, you begin to realise the importance of a data recovery software. Though there are many available in the market, most of these are neither reliable nor trustworthy. Imagine that you had downloaded a less known data recovery software only to realise later that you made a mistake. To avoid this situation, doing some research is highly recommended. If you find that confusing, here is a list with features of some of the best data recovery software for you:

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The EaseUS is perhaps the most reliable and functional data recovery software available today. No matter how you’ve lost your files, this software will surely recover them for you. It is a highly useful and easy to use software with an attractive yet functional user interface. The tool allows you to browse the location you had placed your document and can recover it with ease. If that’s not all, the tool can also recover lost files from deleted and lost partitions.

Even if your system drivers are no longer recognised by the system, the EaseUS data recovery software can still work around and recover your files. Moreover, the tool can also restore permanently removed files from the hard drive. Despite being easy to use, this tool seems to have covered almost all aspects of data recovery. During tests, EaseUS recovered and restored all documents that users wanted it to improve. It can also recover files from other types of storage such as flash drive, music players, and memory cards among others.

2. Orion File Recovery Software

Any proficient data recovery tool that can seamlessly recover most types of data. Have a broken hard drive? Not a problem, this tool will restore your data with ease. The most notable feature of this device is that it recovers your files through a step by step approach. It will prepare a list of all available files on your system and ask you to enter the exact location where you had stored your data before deletion.


Once entered, it will prompt a message asking you as to where to restore the file. You can open the partition or drive of your choosing, and it’ll recover the file there. Apart from its other qualities, a unique feature of this tool is that it is very easy to use even for novices. Just install the tool and see how easily it’ll recover your lost files. The downside is that it can only be used with Windows OS and not with others.

3. Recuva

Recuva is another useful data recovery tool that comes equipped with several features. The software is fast and has a sleek user interface that makes it look attractive. The interface is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind so users will have no difficulty using it. Moreover, it can recover files from most types of hard drives, music players, flash drive, memory cards and even your iPod. It can also recover lost emails from your email account. However, much like Orion file recovery software, this tool is also only compatible with Windows OS.

4. Photorec

Photorec is the last data recovery tool on the list. The device is lightweight, so it is easy to install and use. Though it can recover almost any type of document or file, it particularly focuses on recovering photos. The tool boasts a deep scan feature that prepares a list of most lost files on your disk. It also includes the destination from where the tool was last saved. The deep scan feature seems to work quite smoothly and rarely hangs during scanning the drive. You can also use Photorec for making copies of your lost files on the same or different disks. It has a sleek and breezy, fast user interface that allows you to use the tool without any issues. It also crosses platform compatible so you can use it on Windows, Mac OS, and other operating systems without having many problems.

The Verdict

Out of all the data recovery software in the list, the EaseUS was found to be the best data recovery software today. Its ability to restore data from virtually hopeless situations and ease of use make it a cut above the rest. EaseUS is the more versatile and functional tool out there the moment.