Researchers have discovered flaws in Comcast’s Xfinity Home Security System which might give a good chance to burglars for breaking into homes without the alert being triggered.

Researchers at Rapid7, a cybersecurity company discovered a security flaw in Xfinity Home Security system, which includes window, doors as well as motions sensors through which any outsider can make the doors or windows seem open, when it is actually open. A thief will have to spend only around $100 on radio jamming equipments for blocking the signals emitting from open doors. When these jammed signals are released, it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes for restoring connection.

The user doesn’t get any indication whether anything unusual or bad is happening, says security research manager, Tod Beardsley. The Comcast issue was alerted by Rapid7 on 7th of November, but no response was received.

Notifications have been sent out to U.S Computer Emergency Readiness Team, the department responsible for sharing of cybersecurity information. Soon, a vulnerability notification would be issued by CERT as well. This discovery by Rapid7 is a realistic example of fears that haunted researchers regarding Internet Of Things since years. Since companies compete against each other for releasing new products connected to Internet, many fail to build in security.

Chief Security Officer at Synamtec, Tim Fitzgerald stated that if you are not having the confidence in the company with which you are doing business, you shouldn’t do it  with them. This will make the companies realize what customers need from them.