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CocoFax – The world’s #1 best online Fax Service

The traditional fax machine was once the most popular means of communication. Its popularity declined with the onset of digital communication. However, businesses and professionals stills use fax.

Today, it is possible to send faxes online thanks to online fax services. It is even possible to have a free online fax service like CocoFax. CocoFax gives you a 30-day free trial period that gives you access to its premium features.

What’s more, CocoFax has gained the attention of international media outlets like Forbes. With CocoFax, you can even sign your faxes digitally. Online faxing besides being convenient is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

How does CocoFax stand out from the competition

CocoFax is trusted by over a million users around the world. It is recognised for its security, reliability, versatility, and ease of use. CocoFax integrates high-tech solutions in its faxing service.

For instance, CocoFax allows you to send and receive faxes on your iPhone click here to get more info. Below are some of the things that make CocoFax the world’s best online fax service.

High-quality image transmission

CocoFax allows you to send attached high-quality pictures from your phone. The process is fast; you only need to scan your document to avoid any shadows.

CocoFax has image processing that optimises your image fax for transmission. This results in quality fax and reduces the transmission time of your fax.

Supports individual and corporate use

CocoFax offers different pricing plans that cater to both individual and business uses. The pricing of these plans relies on the needs of the individual or business.

CocoFax offers high-volume faxes for large companies that deal with many faxes each day.

Free custom fax number

cocofax 1

With CocoFax, you get to choose your custom fax number free of charge. Also, CocoFax gives you 30 days of free service after signing up for the service. Best of all, after the trial period expires, the charges are reasonable.

Most businesses need a fax number that closely resembles their phone number. So, the ability to choose a custom fax number is exceptional, especially without any charges.

Lifetime storage

Another feature that makes CocoFax stand out from the competition is its permanent storage. Unlike most online fax services that limit your fax storage, CocoFax archives all your faxes. All the faxes are automatically archived.

The faxes are saved on its server. It also provides you with an organised way of accessing your faxes online. Best of all, you won’t have to clutter your desk with printed faxes.

Fast and reliable

With CocoFax, you get a fast and convenient way of sending and receiving faxes online. You can send and receive faxes simultaneously. CocoFax also sends you notifications for each sent or received fax.

This way, you will always know if your fax was successfully sent or not. Also, you won’t miss incoming fax with CocoFax since it sends you a delivery notification.

Safe and secure

With CocoFax, you are guaranteed your faxes are safe online during transmission. CocoFax encrypts all your faxes and uses the latest security protocols. This way no unauthorised individual can access your faxes.

How CocoFax operates

All of CocoFax activities take place online. It allows you to send and receive faxes in two ways.

  1. Using a web browser

CocoFax lets you send and receive faxes on your CocoFax dashboard. All this is possible after signing up for the service. Sending fax entails logging in to your dashboard and clicking the ‘New Fax’ button.

This allows you to fill in the contents of your fax including the recipient fax number. The process is easy and straightforward. When you are done, click the ‘Send’ button.

cocofax 2 800x817 1

CocoFax instantly transmits your fax online to your recipient. In a few minutes, you will receive a delivery confirmation notification stating the status of the sent fax. So, it will let you know if the fax was sent successfully or not.

  1. Email to fax

Also, CocoFax allows you to send faxes from your email address. You only need to sign up for the service using your preferred email address. Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email.

Just remember to include the @cocofax.com at the end of the recipient fax number. If the recipient fax number is 12345 then the address for the recipient should be 12345@cocofax.com.

cocofax 3

Fill in the other fields if necessary and attach files to your fax. When done click ‘Send’. CocoFax will receive your email and transform it into a fax format then send to your recipient.


A look at the features and capabilities of CocoFax underscores why its the best online fax service. It offers unrivaled faxing capabilities. If you are looking for a reliable online fax service, feel free to give CocoFax a try.

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