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CNET Unveils a Fresh Look: A Closer Look at the Redesign and Its Impacts


CNET, a pioneer in tech news and reviews, has recently launched a comprehensive redesign of its website. This makeover is not just a facelift but a strategic overhaul aimed at enhancing user experience, content discoverability, and editorial efficiency.

Key Highlights

  • New Design Aesthetics: The redesign introduces a cleaner, more modern layout.
  • Improved Navigation: Enhanced site navigation makes finding content faster and easier.
  • Content Curation: A shift towards a curated homepage showcases CNET’s depth and breadth.
  • Technical Enhancements: Behind-the-scenes upgrades for faster load times and smoother browsing.
  • Editorial Process Adjustments: Changes in how content is planned and published to align with reader preferences.


Redesign Rationale

The primary motivation behind CNET’s new look is to create a more engaging and user-friendly experience. By adopting a cleaner design and improving site navigation, CNET aims to make tech news, reviews, and advice more accessible. This approach not only caters to the needs of tech enthusiasts but also invites a broader audience to explore what CNET has to offer.

Enhanced User Experience

The redesigned website places a strong emphasis on user experience (UX). With faster load times and a more intuitive navigation system, visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for. This improvement is crucial in retaining readers and encouraging deeper exploration of CNET’s content.

Strategic Content Curation

One of the most significant changes is the move towards a curated homepage. This approach allows CNET to highlight its most compelling stories, reviews, and features, ensuring that readers are presented with the best content upfront. Such curation not only showcases CNET’s editorial strengths but also improves content discoverability, making it easier for users to find articles and reviews that interest them.

Behind the Scenes: Technical and Editorial Innovations

The redesign also brought about technical and editorial innovations aimed at streamlining the content creation and publication process. For the editorial team, this meant adjusting to new workflows and adopting strategies to better align with reader interests and content performance metrics. The technical upgrades, while less visible to the end-user, are fundamental to providing a seamless browsing experience, highlighting CNET’s commitment to leveraging technology for improved performance.

The Impact on CNET’s Team

The redesign process was a collaborative effort involving various members of the CNET team, including copyeditors, reporters, and editors. For those directly involved in the project, such as Dawnthea Price Lisco, a copy editor at CNET, the redesign presented both challenges and opportunities. Lisco, in particular, played a critical role in user-testing new features and contributing to the strategic curation of the homepage. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of team dynamics in achieving a successful redesign​​.

CNET’s bold new look marks a significant milestone in the site’s evolution. Far from being a superficial change, the redesign reflects a thoughtful consideration of user needs, editorial direction, and technological advancements. By focusing on a cleaner design, improved navigation, and strategic content curation, CNET has not only enhanced the user experience but also set a new standard for digital tech publications. This transformation, driven by a blend of editorial insight and technical innovation, positions CNET to better serve its audience in the fast-paced world of technology. As the site continues to adapt and evolve, it remains a trusted source for tech news, reviews, and advice, always striving to meet the changing needs of its readers.