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Cloudways PHP Hosting – The ultimate choice for deploying Web Applications

Cloud industry has revolutionized the tech world and is only expected to grow more with each passing year. From e-commerce stores to retail sectors, banks to IT hubs, everyone is moving towards cloud for better market and tech progression.

Moving towards a better Cloud infrastructure is also pretty vital. As, there are many names operating in the industry who just doesn’t provide basic cloud services, yet claims to be the best in the market. People opting for those platforms are always seen complaining about the lack of performance, downtimes, security issues and other related problems.

Amongst them all, Cloudways has built up its repute as the top Cloud hosting in the market, which not only provides web hosting with PHP and MySQL support but also plenty of flawless web features that help in building, deploying and managing web applications. It is associated with some of the top Cloud servers in the world including Amazon, Google Cloud Engine (GCE), DigitalOcean and few more others.

The platform has become an essential choice for many organizations, agencies, SMBs, online stores and other business entities to host their web applications. The reason for that is its unique deployment features which give ease to the users to host and manage their applications on fingertips. In short, the platform provides a complete Cloud solution under just one roof, innovating the tech and web hosting altogether.

Top Features of Cloudways PHP Hosting

Let’s have a look at some of the top Cloudways features which makes it one of the best Cloud hosting in the market:


Cloudways offers a pre-built stack of tools called Thunderstack, which integrates some of the most advanced web tools in the market including Varnish, Nginx, Memcached, Redis, HTTP/2 and more others. This stack gives ease to the site administrators to manage all the optimization tools at one place.

The main utility of this stack is that all the web optimization tools like Varnish, Redis etc. comes pre-configured in it, which eases out developers job of not manually configuring them on to the server. Moreover, using the stack, you can easily enable/disable them within 1-click, providing more ease to manage these tools according to your project requirements.

Easy CMS and Framework Installation

Cloudways gives you the ease to install major CMS solutions within a few clicks. These CMS platforms include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Magento and many others. It is a platform which not only offers low-level technical features but also offers automated installation of these CMS solutions whenever a user launches an application on the platform.

Apart from CMS, Cloudways also provides a huge stack of frameworks to be installed on its platform. These include major PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend framework and more others. Laravel is available on quick one-click installation, while the others are also easy to install through composer within minutes.

Install Server and Applications in One-click

To ease out manual configuration process, Cloudways allows its users to install server and applications within one-click. You can install core PHP files and preferred framework on the platform in just a few steps. The process is pretty fast and simple, just choose your favourite Cloud provider (AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr etc.), desired application and hit the launch button, your application will be ready in a matter of no time.

While the platform also provides Cloud console to easily manage different administrative jobs. Using the console, site administrators can configure SSL-certificates in one-click, domain mapping and other functional jobs effortlessly.

Composer Ready Platform

Working with web applications, developers often require external packages to use in their projects. Because large scale applications often require some functionalities that are dependent on the libraries. Therefore, Cloudways provides composer on its platform that gives ease for the integration of these external packages and reduces developers load to configure these libraries manually. This feature provides great flexibility to the developers to build their projects on custom requirements and functionalities.

Moreover, the composer also allows users to easily deploy their projects from GitHub. As there are tons of packages/libraries that are uploaded on GitHub and are used regularly by thousands of developers to build custom functions in their web applications.

Staging Environment

Cloudways provides a unique feature called Staging environment that helps developers test their applications on a testing domain before making it live. This feature helps developers to easily analyze their applications for the potential bugs and errors. The platform provides a separate domain where users can try out their applications using the staging feature.

It is a very useful feature that lets developers easily rectify the potential errors in the applications so that the live project doesn’t get disrupted with any bugs and gives optimum performance on the Cloudways servers.

Final Thoughts

Cloudways provides optimum deployment features that not only help in hosting the applications effortlessly but also gives ease in the management of your web applications. Because, it is a platform which gives fully managed cloud hosting services, allowing you to focus more on the core web operations rather than bothering about the management of web hosting. The platform’s scalability gives ease to the users to deploy and manage their applications as the way they want. In short, it’s a complete managed hosting platform that is built with advanced infrastructure and provides hassle-free deployment solution all the time.

If you still have some more queries about Cloudways or want to share your opinions for the platform, please let us know by writing down in the comments section.

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