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Climate change is leading humans to sixth mass extinction, says scientist

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Global Warming and its effects are all around the globe and need no highlighting. The world community has gone on an overdrive to limit the effects, but for some, it seems a lost battle and humanity is staring at the face of sixth mass extinction of the world.

Guy McPherson, a biology professor at the University of Arizona, feels that suicidal nature of humankind, which is destroying its habitat and the world, is now staring at sixth mass extinction. Guy believes that instead of worrying about the climate change one must try living with it till the inevitable end which could be anywhere between 10 years and 100 years.

Giving a date for the apocalypse has its pitfalls. A 10-year deadline means that the world will go on nine years [and] 364 days year to the last hour. The approach of climate scientists to the problem of global warming is similar. We approach the problem in a piecemeal fashion such as methane emissions and the lowering ice in the Arctic, instead of the bigger picture.

The planet is heading for a temperature within the span which is the highest temperature experienced for the last 2 billion years. Prof McPherson says that instead of trying to fix the climate, humanity must focus on living while he can. The learned Professor feels that hope is not a good idea and so is wishful thinking. He asks people to pursue their love, happiness or whatever they feel which makes them happy.

Meanwhile, New Zealand was awarded two Fossil of the Day awards at the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech. These awards have been given for the country’s failure to adhere to its commitment protect the climate and continued use of carbon credits. The nation is facing a lot of flak for doing enough to fight climate change.

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