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Chuwi HeroBook Air will debut at $249 in September

Chuwi has announced the immediate availability of the next-generation Chuwi HeroBook Air at an unbeatable starting price of $249. According to company sources, the Chuwi HeroBook Air will be available for sale starting early September. The main attraction of the HeroBook Air is the lightweight form factor coupled with a thin display. The company also fixed the price at an affordable rate to enable students and professionals to experience computing amidst the pandemic. The Back to school and back to college seasons also forced the company sales team to throw away HeroBook Air at a low price. The device is supplemented with a powerful processor and reliable SSD storage. A powerful battery supplies non-stop power to enable people to work without any interruption.


Chuwi HeroBook Air flaunts a 11.6-inch IPS HD display and has been customized for the student education segment. The notebook will be an ideal companion for learning because of the minimal display and is equivalent to the size of teaching textbooks. The new laptop provides an ability for the students to improve visual focus, brain thinking including coordinating eye focus. The addition of a 178-wide viewing angle despite the low display size enables students to view the content clearly from various angles. This feature will also be useful for students involved in online learning. The standard resolution of 1366×768 pixels delivers a brilliant and vivid display irrespective of the ambient environment. The display also includes optical adjustments to decrease eye fatigue during extended usage.


Talking about the design, the Chuwi HeroBook Air is manufactured using an environmentally friendly and durable plastic body. The device measures 910g, which is comparatively less than standard laptops and can be easily carried away inside a backpack or handbag. The laptop comes with a full-size keyboard with an enlarged touchpad. The unique design of enlarged character numbers prevents mis-input, which provides a comfortable typing experience.


On the internals, the Chuwi HeroBook Air is integrated with Intel Celeron N4020 dual-core processor with a turbo frequency of 2.8GHz. The 9th Gen Intel UHD Graphics 600 core display paired with easy decoding 4K60-frame ultra-clear video will be suitable for online courses and playback of video tutorials. The TDP6W low power consumption with fanless silent heat dissipation enables comfortable usage for an extended time. The HeroBook Air is designed for multi-tasking, which is essential for students. Moreover, the device offers enhanced performance and faster speed when compared with competing products.

The Chuwi HeroBook Air borrows working horsepower via a powerful 4GB LPDDR4 RAM alongside a 2400MHz operating frequency. The company claims that the laptop is capable of delivering 30% improved performance than the previous memory counterpart.


The 128GB SSD storage with 500MB/s read & write speed is sufficient for storing plenty of files, documents, videos and podcasts. The eMMC storage speed is increased by 4 times and this has improved the user experience. The laptop is also capable of extending the storage up to 1TB SSD in case students would like to expand the space for storing additional course materials. The HeroBook Air provides support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone including a built-in 0.3M web camera. The USB 3.0 port can be used to establish connectivity with pen drives and portable hard drives. The HeroBook Air comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 and hence students can start the work straight away.


The powerful 36.48Wh battery engraved in a slim body is capable of delivering more than 9 hours of battery life. The laptop completely satisfies the requirements of students since they can work for over 12 hours without charging.

Secure Operating System

Windows 10 Home (S mode) comes with advanced security features built right in, like protections against phishing and malicious software so you don’t have to think twice when navigating to a new webpage or downloading an app.

Pricing & Availability

The Chuwi HeroBook Air will be available for $249 starting early September 2021. Chuwi has designed a laptop with plenty of new features at an affordable price to meet the requirements of students and professionals.

Visit Chuwi Official Store for more.

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