Chrome Steps Up Security: Password Safety Tool Now On Patrol 24/7

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Google Chrome is tightening its belt on security with a significant upgrade to its built-in password safety tool, Safety Check. Previously requiring manual activation, Safety Check will now automatically run in the background on desktop computers, keeping a vigilant eye on your online security 24/7.

Key Highlights:

  • Chrome’s Safety Check tool gains automatic background scanning.
  • Faster alerts for compromised passwords and security threats.
  • Checks for outdated Chrome versions, risky extensions, and lax site permissions.
  • Additional feature for saving tab groups across devices coming soon.

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This proactive approach promises faster alerts for compromised passwords, potentially catching vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Safety Check leverages a constantly updated database of known leaks and breaches, comparing your saved passwords against this list in the background. If a match is found, you’ll receive a prompt to change the affected password immediately.

But password safety is just one piece of the puzzle. Chrome’s enhanced Safety Check also acts as a digital guardian, scanning for other potential threats:

  • Outdated Chrome versions: Safety Check will notify you if you’re using an outdated version of Chrome, urging you to update for improved security and performance.
  • Risky extensions: Unwanted or malicious extensions can pose significant security risks. Safety Check will identify potentially harmful extensions and recommend their removal.
  • Lax site permissions: Websites often request various permissions, like accessing your camera or microphone. Safety Check will highlight permissions granted to sites you haven’t visited in a while, allowing you to revoke them if no longer needed.

These automatic scans offer an extra layer of protection, reducing the burden on users to manually check their security settings. However, it’s important to remember that Safety Check is not a silver bullet. Practicing good online hygiene, like using strong and unique passwords for every account, remains crucial for robust online security.

Beyond Password Patrol: Tab Groups Get a Boost

Chrome’s security update isn’t all about passwords. Google also announced an upcoming feature for saving tab groups across devices. This handy addition allows you to organize related tabs (think research projects, travel planning, or shopping sprees) into groups and seamlessly access them from any device signed into your Chrome account. No more struggling to remember which tabs you had open on your laptop when you’re browsing on your phone – your tab groups will follow you wherever you go.

Enhanced Security, Streamlined Browsing

Chrome’s latest update demonstrates a commitment to both protecting its users from online threats and improving the overall browsing experience. The automatic background scans of Safety Check coupled with the convenience of cross-device tab groups paint a promising picture for the future of secure and productive browsing.


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