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Choosing The Best Mobile Phone For Gaming

Getting into gaming has never been easier. The advent of mobile games and app store distribution (Google Play for Android) has exploded the number of games for smartphones.  If you are thinking about getting a new device or shopping for a great gaming phone, you are in the right place. Let’s find the best phone for your mobile gaming needs.

Before you dive into the potential picks, you have to ask yourself a few questions. What kind of games are you going to be playing? Advanced mobile games or hyper casual games? What’s your #1 priority? For some, it’s performance and security for others. You’re going to have to make some compromises, even if you look into the most expensive category. Your OS preference is going to play a major role, and so will screen size. Let’s answer two of the most important questions.

When Security Comes First

Your priorities when buying a new phone depending on your needs and what you are going to do with the device. If you are exclusively going to use it for video games and casual chatting, then security isn’t a big concern.

The security features of your device will be more important if you plan to work from your phone. If you are a frequent player in mobile casinos, that’s another reason to get a phone with safety protocols. If you are going to use any of that, then you definitely need security.

This isn’t a secret, but a lot of people don’t know it. Out of the box, iPhones are much more secure than any Android phone. Why? Because that’s how they are built, and the protection mechanisms are wired into each single phone Apple produces. That’s their company policy. Apple wants users to get a great user experience from the very start. They do deliver exactly that.

The old myth that iOs is more secure than Android must die. Forbes explains in great detail why it’s a myth, and what’s actually going on. In short, iPhones are indeed more secure right when you buy them. However, you can take Android phones to the same level of security. Even above Apple’s if you are willing to spend time installing additional software and tweaking settings. The choice is yours.

Android vs iOS

Oh yes, the never-ending debate. In reality, it’s not that big of a discussion. Any of the two operating systems will do for gaming needs. This does come down to personal preference. What’s the best way to know which one do you like more? You have to try both.

Now, having two phones at the same time is not what a lot of people want to do, so if you previously owned an iPhone, you can try Android or vice versa. That’s also not the sort of commitment many users are willing to go with. In reality, most people stick to whichever system they are used to, and that’s ok. That’s the hassle-free method, and it works. You can try using a family member’s phone or a friend’s and see how you like it. We will give you our top pick for each OS.


Unlike Androids, Apple is the only maker of phones using the iOS system. There’s not that much variety to pick from. Every year, we get a few new models, and that’s about it. So how do you choose an iPhone? That depends on your needs and budgets. Here are our suggestions:

iPhone SE: For Most People

This is Apple’s current budget model. But by no means would we call it a budget phone. It has everything a gamer needs. In the US, it now costs $399 before taxes, and this is the best value iPhone ever. It has a similar design to the iPhone 7, which was one of the most popular iPhone designs. iPhone SE has a great processor, which ensures powerful output, and the newest iOS will provide a great gaming environment.

Take the iPhone 11 if you want 6.1 inches to display instead of a 4.7 one on the iPhone SE, and a better camera. That’s plus $100 dollars but is worth it for some.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 For Better Performance

These models start at respectively $600 and $800, so that’s either 50% or 100% more than the SE model. What would you be paying for? The screen size is the same as that of the iPhone 11, but noticeably bigger than SE. iPhone SE has the 13th generation chip, while the 12th and 13th models have the 14th and 15th generation respectively. These are better processors for sure. They won’t matter too much right now unless you are playing eSports. The newer ones will stay relevant as time goes and the SE may start to lag behind.

Your only option for a bigger screen with Apple is either of the Pro Max models- iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13. If you are willing to pay that much for a device, we suggest you go with the newest model you can afford, as that will keep your powerhouse powerful for the longest period. You don’t want a weak gaming phone with a big screen.


With Android, your options are close to limitless. Still, we will provide you with what we think are the best choices. This will again depend on your budget and gaming needs, and whether you need a good phone overall or gaming-specific.

High-End Choices

Here, we think you have three options. Samsung Galaxy S21 or Ultra model if you want a bigger screen. If you are a fan of the brand and want an overall great phone, go for these. They are definitely a top choice. ASUS ROG 5 doesn’t have as good of a camera, but it outperforms Samsung when it comes to gaming. They are in the same price category, so this largely comes down to what you want more. If you want a great phone, for 30% less money, the OnePlus 9 Pro is a great option. It doesn’t have all the fancy Samsung features, but ticks all the gaming checkboxes.

Budget Considerations

For Androids, you can get incredibly good gaming phones under $500. Moto G Power is a great overall phone under $200, which is an unbelievable price. Xiaomi’s POCO 3 model is a bit of a level up, both in terms of hardware and price, which sits at $300 and is marginally better for gaming. Samsungs A50 is our top budget model for gaming, as it offers the best stability of all three, the same performance, and a modest tag of $350.

Tablet? Wireless/ Wired Charging? Conclusion

This article is focused on helping you choose a good gaming phone, but if you want mobile gaming, and not necessarily a phone, a tablet is a great choice. They have bigger screens, similar prices, and a whole lot of models to choose from. Here is the latest improvement in tablet tech.

Another minor thing is how you charge your device. It’s mostly preference, but there is a catch. You can’t play on a phone while charging wirelessly, so that’s why we still suggest gamers go with the wired option.

Coming to our conclusion, we hope we’ve helped make you the right choice when it comes to your gaming device needs. There are of course many other options, but these are what we think are the best choices for any gamer.

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