Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S6 or not? A big NO, Don’t waste your hard-earned money!

Don’t confuse the above image with iPhone 6, as it’s not the one, but it’s Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of those premium smartphones that apparently try to rule the high-end smartphones section for the Indian smartphone market, but fails miserably. However, several pitfalls and the popularity of its closest competitor, Apple iPhone 6, makes it fall behind in many places.

iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 both carry a slimmer form factor that is available in a variety of color combinations. However, the Apple’s come in an all aluminum unibody design where the Samsung has a metal frame running around. The Galaxy S6 body features a premium Gorilla Glass back that easily catches fingerprints and smudges making the device looks ugly in several situations. At some points, you may feel as if the device is little slippery to hold. Almost the same is in the case of iPhone, but only for iPhone 6 Plus.

Other than that, the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is crappy. Even though it carries juice that is supposed to last longer, the buggy software makes it run out of the power in comparatively less time. The competitor, on the other hand, stays throughout the day on a single charge even though it stores battery that is almost the half of the Galaxy S6 smartphone. The reason behind this is simple, optimization level. Apple controls the hardware and software components making it easy for the company to produce a smartphone is eco-friendly, charges quickly and stays longer under normal usage conditions.

If a premium range phone cannot give you feeling of having a premium phone, what’s the point of buying it?

It feels as if the Samsung is now in a hurry of producing the gadgets rather than improving the design and test whatever going inside the smartphone. Accelerometers and gyro sensors are buggy making the screen rotation and calibration difficult. Compass apps have a hard time when the Samsung Galaxy S6 is put in the landscape mode. On an average, the smartphone will show you an elevation of the 13″ in the readings.

It is very unfortunate for the users who have spent thousands in getting this device, and still it doesn’t perform as expected. The company is apparently looking for the balance sheets than the user experience. Many users found a way to fix it by restarting and factory-resetting the device, and many returned their smartphones, however, those who didn’t are still waiting for the company to fix the issue.

Samsung was expected to introduce an update to make the solution, but now it seems like as if it is a hardware issue that cannot be fixed without replacing the devices.

Coming to the other points, Samsung Galaxy S6 features a custom Samsung-made Android version that runs fine on the smartphone, but when put into the stress test, bugs start to appear as if someone scared them out.

Switching among multiple apps and pushing the limits, Android behaves abruptly by suspending the apps or random restarts – which is very rare, but has happened.

Apple iPhone 6 on the other hand is free from all such issues and the only thing that haunts it is the bending, which again is only in the case when you put your smartphone in the back pocket and sit on it. A slight bend will appear on it.

One significant aspect to consider here is the updates. Apple supports almost all of its devices for the regular updates, however, on the Samsung’s end it is just the opposite. Either the users buy a new smartphone or stick to the older version of the Android, which may or may not be secure. Needless to say, Stagefright vulnerability still haunts lakhs of devices around the world.

Apple fixes bugs in the iOS with just an update whereas it takes ages for the Samsung to do such thing.

The software is one big part that matters in today’s world, and Samsung fails miserably at it.

Go for the OnePlus 2, the start-up has some serious capabilities no other smartphone in this range can do. This is truly the flagship killer.


  1. This is a biased report.
    IPhone 6:
    Much less battery life as compared s6.
    No fast charging either.
    Please don’t compare the 8 mpxl camera with the s6 16 mpxl stellar.
    S6 Nfc can be used for media transfer and wireless charging, but for iPhone it’s only apple pay which is still to be launched in india and is not even widely accepted in US.
    Buggy software reminds me of apple icloud hack.
    Over depending on iTunes.

  2. I haven’t had any of these issues with my S6. It’s been running smoothly since the day I bought it. It comes in and out of my pocket often enough that the fingerprints don’t stick around for very long. And the battery lasts me a whole day in most cases. No offence, but for a journalist, you include a lot of personal bias in your arguments.

  3. Clearly you have never actually used a Galaxy S6. I have one and have no problems with the battery although Im sure your iPhone 6 does have better battery performance since the iPhone is is just an app launcher and not a real operating system like android.

    Also I’m not sure why you are unable to properly use android and seems to have many software issues. Again, I have not had any software issues remotely similar to yours. Yes,I may see a slight screen stutter once in a while But,again,this is to be expected from a proper operating system like android which doesn’t try to hide performance issues like the iPhone app launcher (I.e. slow transition animations, silent app crashes).

  4. HI I agree with you 100% I bought the Samsung galaxy S6 because I believed the battery was much better than my previous phone, but now I realised that I did a big mistake, my phone doesn’t last half a day it gets hot and consumes the power. I regret because I spend 800 Usd on a phone that I’m not even enjoying at full .

  5. Who writes this crap! Go waste your money on any of the iPhone “S” models. Any of the previous iPhone models before the “S” models can do the same thing if you jailbroke it. What a rip off!
    The only problem I’ve had with the Samsung Galaxy phones, was the GS5 and the problem was the charging port cover broke so it wasn’t water proof anymore, but no big deal.
    Never had any problems besides that.

  6. what a piece of crap from an apparently Apple fanboy. Can’t finish a single sentence without using Apple while writing a review for Samsung phone. To start with, you are extremely biased if you comment on the looks of S6 or S6 edge, these are the best looking phones in the market, period. The part about battery is the only genuine issue which kinda is taken care by ‘Fast charger’, rest all are lollipop issues which will be taken care. I am glad I don’t need a 1gb software to do a simple file transfer from phone to laptop or use bluetooth whenever I need or just change the looks of software whenever I dont like something unlike Apple devices. Lastly, the article is full of grammatical mistakes and at noob level technically. Hoping for better ones.

  7. The Samsung galaxy s6 edge has a better camera than the Iphone 6, wireless charging and fast charging. I will never buy a phone again without wireless charging

  8. True. Most useless phone. Phone gets hot within 1 minute of switching the 3G. As rightly said by one user in this comment, your hands will pain immediately after the phone gets hot. Please do not buy this phone.

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