Why not to choose Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+

Samsung earlier introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge and recently the S6 Edge+. As the name suggests, both the smartphone carry a curved screen on the edges that feature notification and or other messages in that area, but seriously Android comes with a notification area already. Both the smartphones looks good, but apparently, they are not even close to the have any real world use. With tons of featuring coming in each year, Samsung compromised on some of the most prominent points.

Even Samsung doesn’t know what actually they want to perceive with the Edge Screen!

First and the most important feature is the battery and Samsung apparently is losing the battle there. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t last even 7 hours, and that’s a serious issue for this smartphone giant to consider. What’s the use of copious specifications that are not supported by a proper amount of juice. Galaxy S6 Edge carries a good battery, but apparently in the absence of proper optimization, smartphones lose it too soon as well.

Almost the same is in the Galaxy S6 Edge+ as well, if you compare the battery life of Edge and Edge+, then the juice of both the smartphones lasts almost the same.

Let’s now talk about the design. Featuring the same old glass back with the metal frames running around, the Samsung Galaxy Edge and its successor has again brought us a disappointment for the fingerprint-friendly back cover. Not an oleophobic and the smudges are easy to come around on this type of surface. However, on the front it’s entirely different story.

Talking about the curved design in the Edge, the smartphone is prone to the bursting of the screen. Under certain condition, this curved glass bursts and pops open one edge of the smartphone, which Samsung claims is only because of the user’s fault. Apparently, many cases around the Internet now confirm that it is a design flaw rather than the user’s fault.


Next big problem in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+ plus is that after a usage of few months, the smartphone may start acting slow. Samsung smartphones are the victim of memory fragmentation that causes the app to launch and run slowly.

On the other hand, in the Samsung Galaxy Edge+, the app relaunch is crappy. As per the initial details, the software inside it makes the relaunch of an application takes a longer time as it suspends soon an app enters in the background. Other smartphones with 3GB or less RAM were able to beat the scores of Galaxy Edge+.

This can only be solved when the company releases an update for the smartphone. Till then, there is technically no way Edge+ can beat the OnePlus 2 and LG G4 in terms of performance and app relaunching. At least for now, the specifications for this smartphone, which are also the selling point, are useless.

It doesn’t end here, the Android 5.1 on the Edge and Edge+ are buggy. No matter what you do, the smartphone is going to surprise you with ‘unexpected-features’ that would disrupt your experience on the smartphone.

The fingerprint sensor is little sticky as well, soon you place your finger and lift it up, it feels as if the smartphone is not willing to leave the love of your fingers.

All of these little features interrupt and ruin the experience you may with the smartphone.

The opposite of it is the Apple iPhone that takes care of almost every little feature user may interact with. The TouchID home button isn’t protruding outside like the one in Edge+ but has a small cavity that makes the thumb or the finger press firmly on the fingerprint sensor.

As far as the software is concerned, then the Samsung users can pray the company to release the update for latest Android operating system, which is certainly not in the case of iPhone or any other Apple device.

Samsung is entirely gambling on looks of the phone, but a sensible user also look for the usability it offers. And both Edge and Edge+ offers nothing extra to offer even after taking a chunk of extra cash out of buyer’s pocket.


  1. I do not agree with anything you said except the fingerprints. I’m coming from the Verizon G4 and can say that the Verizon Edge + is way better device. The Verizon variant of the G4 was very laggy, the edge + is not. The G4 continually took forever to open any app and the camera took all day to open. None of this with the Edge +. The edge display is still a relatively new design and while apps might not take advantage of it, it still works a lot better than what you portray. In fact, it’s smooth and runs as advertised, so no idea what you’re talking about here either. As for the “popped” screen, I carry mine in my back pocket and I weigh 250lbs. No popped screen here. So, for a different take on the Edge+ go to my link above.

  2. I went from the LG G4 to the Edge+ and I have to disagree with almost everything you have mentioned in this article. I notice zero performance difference in any apps what so ever. The OS seems just as buggy as it does with any other phone with each phone having its own unique bugs. A reboot from time to time (just as with any computer device) tends to fix this. Whatever is slowing down your tests when it comes to apps is those specific apps and not the phone itself.

    I love the go to phrase “battery life issues”. Pretty much every phone I have seen has had some review stipulate that the battery on that phone was bad and would lose charge quickly. How your phone handles its charge depends greatly (obviously) on how it is used and what apps are running when being used.

    On both the G4 and the Edge+ I have now, I easily get a fully day’s worth of a charge out of it. My usage is 6 or so hours of streaming music via LTE to a bluetooth speaker here in my office followed by some occasional usage to text, read personal email, update my calendar, et al. When I get home I might do my social networking thing, hell, maybe even play the one game I have on my phone (Solar II, btw). Though I might be on fumes when I go to bed, I do not lose a charge on this phone any quicker than I did on the G4, or my G3, or any other phone previous to that. Each phone is like a car and you can’t expect each car to work the same way.

    Each of these phones have their own niche markets and give their own unique advantages to that market. The G4’s major advantages are the removable battery and SD slot. The curved screen as curb appeal and helps to better fit the curvature of the user’s eye. It doesn’t have the screen clarity of the Edge+, and though it does have several different backs to choose from, the backs are pointless if you get a case for it (which most phone users would suggest a BASIC case for minimal protection).

    The Edge+ has those curved sides which at first I thought would be pointless, but as I got more used to it I found that it was very powerful. Now I have another place to put steady icons that I want access to on every screen regardless. I also have the ability to give each important individual in my family a “color” so that I can look at my phone and know immediately who txt’d me or attempted to call me if I was away from my phone during the day or it was on silent. The picture quality is amazing! The down side of the phone is that there is no sd slot and the battery is not removable which at first I thought I’d hate. I had been using an sd card since my s4 and moving data from one phone to the next was just a snap, but moving to the edge+ I realized something… The only thing that was on my sd card were photos which I already have synced to my Google cloud, so keeping them stored on my phone is pointless. When I am done w/the photos on my phone I just wipe them out to keep my space on the phone open. Problem solved.

    Both of the phones I have gone over here are great phones and I wouldn’t tell anyone to pick one over the other. They both have their own neat features and advantages that the other does not and they both have their limitations. Perfect phone? You mean two tin cans tied together with string. No, you don’t. There is no perfect phone that blankets everyone.

  3. This article is rubbish, just like the iPhone. I work in the mobile industry, and true insiders laugh at the long con job that Apple is able to pull off with it’s legion of sheep.

  4. I love Samsung phones and the new Edge looks out of the world.
    My primary concerns with a phone is that it should have clarity of sound, good looks, good battery life and the most important one is that the phone should support my favorite games like Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans and the best one, YeQuiz trivia game.

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