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Chingari’s festive campaign #DiwaliGARIWali applauded the top GARI miners of the season

Chingari, the world’s fastest growing on-chain social app powered by GARI, was all set to celebrate Dhanteras, Diwali, and New Year with its GARI Miners who have earned over 90,000 GARI Tokens in just 90 days on the Chingari App. This Diwali, the platform honored and celebrated the top GARI miners through their #DiwaliGARIWali campaign. Chingari users have been mining (earning) GARI Tokens on the app since the GARI Mining programme was launched in June 2022.

Chingari users mined (earned) over 90,000 GARI Tokens simply by watching, sharing, liking, commenting, and consuming content on the Chingari App. Ratnesh Kumar (RKStatus), Junaid K, and Shehadad (Gaming Shorts) were the top ranking miners of the season.

Vijay Soni, a Chingari creator, has mined over 24K GARI Tokens, followed by Sancheet who has mined over 18K GARI Tokens and Ranjan Singh (also known as Chingari Superstar winner), had mined around 17K GARI Tokens.

Chingari launched GARI Tokens in 2021, around Diwali, with the goal of disrupting the global creator’s economy. And this year, the implementation of GARI Tokens has reaped sweet benefits for all, which gave them yet another reason to celebrate the festive season with great zest.

Apart from applauding the GARI Miners, Chingari had also curated a special Diwali contest for its creators under the #DiwaliGARIWali. The contest allowed creators to make entertaining videos using #FatakaGang where they could introduce the members of their group as different types of fatakas (Diwali firecrackers). The winners of the contest would earn GARI Tokens.

Chingari’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sumit Ghosh, exclaimed, “We are overjoyed that the Chingari community is now able to reap the benefits of our hard work and efforts. We had aimed to achieve a revolution in the creator’s economy while working on the GARI project, allowing creators to monetize their content without sacrificing their creative freedom, and today we can all see that goal being accomplished. We hope to reach many more milestones on our way to becoming ‘The go to App’ for creators worldwide.”

Junaid K, Chingari user and top GARI Miner said, “I am incredibly happy to have mined GARI Tokens worth $1500 and grateful to team Chingari for enabling us to explore the app and earn by spending our time on it, unlike other social media platforms. I intend to use my earnings to purchase the GARI Level 10 Badge and GARI Panda NFT, as I believe the app has the potential to help creators and users grow and achieve their goals.”

Truly this was a very happy and prosperous Diwali & New Year for the Chingari community. And team Chingari wished an exceptionally happy festive season for all its users.

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