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Chinese Scientists Teleports First Quantum Data To Space

Scientists from China have successfully managed to teleport photons into space using the quantum entanglement on Wednesday. The data was teleported from China station up to the Micius satellite in space, which orbits at 746 miles away from the Earth’s surface. Micius satellite was launched into space in 2016.

Last month, the team had announced that they can send the entangled photons from space but the recent task has unleashed the reverse of what was expected earlier: they managed to send photons from the Earth surface into space. The achievement is the first attempt that scientists have launched data into space marking the longest distance in which the entangled photons have ever been transferred from the Earth.

Quantum entanglement is a process that makes two particles to react as one element without having any significant connection between them. The Micius satellite is a highly responsive photo receiver equipped with capabilities to spot quantum states of individual photons that are launched from the Earth surface.

Micius satellite was created to help scientists carry out various studies entailing the cryptography, quantum entanglement, and long-distance teleportation. Ian Walmsley from the Oxford University states that the latest accomplishment is an impressive step towards finding more ways of boosting communication network through the use of advanced technologies. Quantum teleportation has been distinguished as the significant aspect in creating a reliable communication network that could encode data via quantum states by use of entangled photons.

A number of similar quantum satellites are under construction by a number of science teams including the European Space Agency and Canadian scientists. But the recent outcomes indicate that China is principally leading in this particular science field. For more than a month, the scientists created millions of tangled photons and sent them as pairs into space.

Through quantum entanglement, scientists can influence a photon in one region to behave similarly like the photon in another place. The phenomenon has been tried several times in Earth-based laboratories but none had been transferred into space. China is the first to teleport quantum information beyond the Earth.

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