Chinese scientists discover foam-like super material to make bulletproof jackets and military hardware stronger

A group of Chinese scientists from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a foam like super material which is composed of tiny graphene tubes and can sustain a force of 40,000 times its own weight without getting distorted. The most important thing about the material is that it is as light as a balloon and strong as metal.

The deepest point on the planet is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. The deepest point is almost 11 kilometers below the ocean surface. There have been a couple of instances when any man-made vessel has been able to reach such depth where the pressure reaches 6,577 kg per sq. inch. Imagine a substance that can easily sustain such crushing forces.

The foam-like material created by the scientists is said to be 207 times stronger than steel, can withstand a weight 40,000 times of its own without bending.

The Graphene-based material has a cellular structure that will have the same stability and toughness of diamond. The cellular structure of diamond is what affords it the toughness it is known to exhibit.

The material can be used for a variety of domains which includes security and military hardware. The material is an ideal material for construction of making bulletproof vests and even tanks and aircrafts.

Tanks are made of a material that is strong and at the same time able to withstand shocks from projectile and missiles. Bulletproof vests can have an extra lining of this material so that it can absorb shocks from bullets and protect the wearer.

In fact, this wonder material is believed to withstand more shocks than any other graphene material. It could be compressed to 5% its original size over 1000 times, but it could regain its original form with ease.

The scientists from Chinese Academy of Sciences have published their research work in a journal Advanced Materials.


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