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China’s Quantum Satellite In Big Leap

The word “spy satellite” seem to have acquired a new meaning after the successful test of the Chinese novel aircraft.  The mission, if well executed can open very secret communication channels by simply applying quantum science lows and principles. The satellite, was named Micius is the first of its kind was launched in August last year from the Gobi desert.

The development of the satellite is part of the larger plan to developing a new kind of internet that is more secure that what is currently used. Micius, which is currently used for experimental purposes and built with some of the most delicate components, is currently circling the earth and transmitting to bases located in two mountains, separated 1,200km between them. The satellite has paramount optics onboard which are used to distribute particles or photons of light to the stations. It is these photons that are used to encode important and highly secret messages.

In many ways, quantum privacy is like the encryption which already maintains the privacy of financial data online. Before sharing private information between online vendors and shoppers, the two sides exchange a hard to hard which is then used to scramble any subsequent character. Then number is also used to conceal the key that is used by the vendor to securely unscramble the text. The only shortcoming in using this is that it can be intercepted and eventually cracked.

Quantum cryptography, as it is commonly called goes an additional step by hiding the key using the power of quantum science. Werner Heisenberg, one of the founders of quantum mechanics discovered that any detection or measurement of a quantum system like a photon of light of an atom unpredictably and uncontrollably alters the system. This uncertainty of the quantum is the property which enables people engaged in private communications to know if they are being spied on. The idea has been under development since it was first discovered in the 1980s.

Ideally, several pairs of photons crated simultaneously and coming in the form of quantum twins share quantum properties regardless of how long they are separated or the distance they have traveled.

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