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Characteristics of a good invoicing app for Android and iPhone

Invoicing is a very crucial factor when it comes to determining the success of your business. When you go searching through the Internet, there are a couple of invoicing apps for your Android and iPhone that will be great for your small business. The main difference between these applications is their functionality and their overall design.

Many would think that those are minor aspects but in reality, they play a huge role in determining the success of the application.

On that note, below are a few features to consider when looking for the best user-friendly invoicing app for your small business.

  • A clear interface

Many people will find it overwhelming and sometimes daunting opening up their own invoicing program. It is true that accounting is the most tedious part of running a business; whether big or small.

Having a clear interface is all it takes to uncomplicate the process. Your invoicing application’s homepage should be simple and with clear menus that are easily navigable. The best software should have a simple dashboard with the income and expense sections clearly visible just at a glance. There should also be graphs, totals and a menu bar with relevant functions.

  • Should have a simple workflow

No one wants an invoicing software that is complicated. We want an application that has no unnecessary detours.

For example, the best invoice app should be able to create a quotation and send it to a client directly just by the click of a button. The same application should be able to convert the quotation into an invoice once the client accepts it.

The above case is a simple demonstration of how the workflow should be seamless without, as stated earlier, unnecessary detours.

  • Should be able to be used by almost anyone

A good invoicing application should be easily used by almost anyone. There are a lot of people, even successful business owners, who have not studied finance or accounting. Thus, they should be able to have an invoicing app that is short off jargon that only professionals understand.

It is not to say that the complex parts of accounting should be left out. No. They should also be present but preferably be built in so that they automatically occur when information is fed on the application.

  • The scope of your accounting software should only have the basics

It is not necessary to have all the accounting options readily available. In your accounting software, you as the business owner should ensure that only the basic functions appear on the home screen. Unnecessary commands will only make the application appear complex.

In short, a good invoicing application should strike a balance between too little and too many features.

  • Customer support in the software

In recent times, we have seen a rise in applications that provide customer support to their clients. No matter how straightforward an application is, you cannot miss one or two queries from customers. In this case, a good invoicing app will consist of an in-app chat that customers can connect with and administrators can get back to them as soon as possible.

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