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Changing a Logo? Try DesignEvo to make a trusted logo with free option!

Research show is that a fresh and compelling logo can increase sales effectiveness and has powerful impacts on clients. And our question today is: Are you looking for a new logo for website, blog or product? If “YES”, stay close to the best parts, as we will example an effective way to find logo ideas and make a logo for your business in “lightning fast” speed. What’s more? There is a FREE option! No More Spoiler.

Stories telling how much those famous brands spend handsome fortunes on logo design are everywhere. From those reports, we learn that designing logo requires expertise and comprehensive product knowledge. That’s not something that we, the individuals or small startups, can easily have both and at the same time.

How to Find a Proper Logo and Change It Easily without Losing Its Quality?

Based on our tests, there are groups of logo services online, which are smart, adorable, and most importantly, easy-to-use. In this part, we will show you the cheerful way to design a logo with one of the best logo makers online, using DesignEvo to make a free logo for a website.


Step 1: Choose a template for your logo

You can enter a keyword to command DesignEvo to list templates of the related to go next.  Our tests show that it understands the most of single word inputs. While sometimes, DesignEvo can get naughty and it will tell you “No Matches Found”. It also gives us the save option for our favorite templates (heart shape), but this feature requires you to register a free account. Here, you may want to know that it’s said to store 7000+ templates, for example, Monogram and YouTube, and not yet…there are more to come.

Step 2: Drag-and-drop commands to customize logo design

Double click to input your logo brand and slogan. Select an element on the canvas and the changeable items are on the top function bar. You can choose to set a font family, font size, text color, outline style, align style, etc. Besides, you can add shapes to your logo design, change a background style.


Step 3: Preview logo to review it, download it

After you’ve done with the design works, the [Preview] button will give you a view of how the logo is going to display on multiple media, like website, banner, doc header, or even printed on a wall or a T-shirt. You can go back and forth to edit it and review it. For most of us, the FREE option can meet our needs, which requires no registration or any subscription.

Ending Words

In this case, DesignEvo does a good job to customize a logo shortly. It indeed saves users a lot of time and effort to draw those logo shapes, icons, or to find a cool font. Basically, you can create a satisfied logo in DesignEvo without knowing any logo designing tips. A pity is that it does not give us an option to upload images from local PC, while it’s one of the best choices. Chop, Chop! Try it yourself, as long as you need a new logo.