What will change if Apple iPhone 7 comes with OLED screen?

The most awaited smartphone of 2016, iPhone 7, will be coming up with a lot of surprises. According to sources, LED screens will be replaced by OLED screen and also the headphone slot is going to be removed. Apart from this, it will be waterproof and attached with a new type of camera, further improving the quality of images taken from iPhone.

Apple has mounted on their smartphones and tablets so far with IPS type LCD panels. However, recent reports suggest that the iPhone 7 will use new OLED panels which would be a major technological change in Apple’s mobile devices. However, what change if the iPhone 7 comes with OLED screen?

Apart from Apple, the firm that has opted for the OLED technology into their smartphones is Samsung and LG. It is not surprising to consider that the top electronic manufacturers have started the development and manufacture of such components. After all, the only thing that changes is the illuminated displays, but it is something that also affects the behavior of touch system on a smartphone. And the reason is simple, OLED panels are composed of fewer layers since they dispense the liquid crystal and backlight unit.

Although in past years, the quality of panels was lost in the colors, a problem that no longer exists. An OLED panel reduces color filter layers and the LCD backlight unit with a single organic layer. Thus, not only the thickness but also the consumption of the display is reduced. The main advantage OLED panels have is that only the single pixels, which are required to display the images, are lighted. This means the unused pixels are not lighted, and thus, both the contrast and battery power of iPhone 7 will be excellent.

IPhone 7 is thinner, more efficient and with greater autonomy. What an OLED panel allows Apple is to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 7 and at the same time improving energy efficiency. That is, without considering possible improvements in image quality, an OLED panel is a guarantee that the energy consumption is reduced considerably and on the other hand, it will allow the terminal to be thinner.

Since the thickness of the mobile will be reduced, Apple could choose to take advantage of this space to enter a higher capacity battery. However, the latest information we have points to the 3.5mm mini-jack audio which will be removed to make it thinner. Therefore, it is clear that Apple will take the opportunity to stand out in terms of thickness and performance of their product.

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