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Challenges of Data Security In A Post COVID World

COVID-19 has quickly brought on a world of changes for society. The changes in how we do business will likely be permanent. Many companies are currently constrained by their inability to conduct business offline. With the increased reliance on virtual communication and digital business operations, we must take into account the ways in which the security of company and customer data has come into question. Collaboration tools like Google Drive and DropBox make communication between dispersed teams easier and more efficient, but do they protect your sensitive data?

New Data Security Challenges

The day-to-day operations for many companies now take place online. We rely on the internet for communication, commerce, data transfers, and consumer outreach. By so heavily depending on technology to conduct business between our dispersed teams, we are putting ourselves at a higher risk for a security breach. Without the proper tools, your company’s sensitive data and confidential information may be susceptible to hackers. With this massive and swift change in the ways, we conduct business, many companies and their employees are being left vulnerable, and people acting in bad faith can, and will, take advantage of this if given the opportunity.

Protecting Customer and Team Data

Virtual data rooms have become a popular solution to the issue of online vulnerability in business. Caplinked’s virtual data room software provides security and confidentiality for a range of industries where business dealings are done virtually. Within the controlled environment of a virtual data room, you have full control of the functions and workflow of your team through Caplinked’s collaboration tools. You can also manage mergers and complete the due diligence process with a VDR. A virtual data room can store confidential files and financial statements, and you have complete control of who is allowed secure access to sensitive information.

Virtual data room providers like Caplinked offer a secure platform to store and share valuable data. A data room protects confidential data and gives dealmakers a space to create strategic partnerships with potential buyers and other third parties. Caplinked’s virtual data room software uses artificial intelligence to give you complete control of your company’s sensitive data and simplify workflows. Their virtual data rooms protect your company and clients’ intellectual property and confidential documents, making contract negotiations, mergers, and fundraising for startups simple, and most importantly, safe.

Virtual Data Rooms for Startups

Startups find a lot of value in integrating virtual data room solutions into their board communication and commerce processes. The ease of use for interested parties and potential buyers is a major selling point for Caplinked’s virtual data rooms. Caplinked’s VDR users trust that their online security is the number one priority for the datasite, and their buyers and clients can breathe easier knowing their confidential documents and personal, sensitive information are safe within the virtual data room. Digital rights management and certification are also easily completed with virtual data room services. Integrating Caplinked’s VDRs has also helped over half of all the Fortune 1000 companies take control of their consultancy and M&A process. A virtual deal room lets you securely download documents and share information, while also assigning certification and approval for other VDR users or viewers.

Caplinked is a trusted data room provider. Investment bankers, law firms, financial institutions trust their virtual data room service to upload and download confidential data and sensitive documents with their clients and partners. Data protection is especially important in these fields. For example, legal firms have to abide by confidentiality guidelines such as HIPAA when dealing with medical malpractice victims. A VDR provider makes it easy for professionals to align their practices with confidentiality and privacy laws.

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