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CCI suspects Google for exploiting competition law in India

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New Delhi: Google Inc. (GOOGL), the search engine giant has been accused of using his supremacy of search engine for smothering competition in India. After three years of initial investigation case is moving into next phase.

Based on responses of more than 30 websites including Flipkart, Facebook and NOKIA, the director general of Competition Commission of India (CCI) accused Google, and will soon begin final hearing on Google for anticompetitive practices. CCI will take the final decision on the case after the completion of final hearing.

Google is being accused of using similar anti-competitive practises in the United States and the European market as well. Google has denied all accusation against it. If Google found guilty in the case, it will be fined $6 billion.

The initial enquiry was focused on complaints by websites like Bharat Matrimony and Jaipur based non-profitable trust, that claimed Google is focusing on its own services in its search result at the expense of its rivals.

Later many big organization from E-commerce, social networking and business platform complaint against the illegal self-promotion activity of Google.

Google is denying all the accusation against it and is confident of being cleared of every wrongdoing in India.

CCI has given Google 10 September as the last date for responding to the initial investigation in India; although, it is expected that deadline may get extended by CCI.

Director General of CCI believes that Google has violated some of the competition regulations in India.

As per the standard procedure of CCI, DG’s report is not obligatory, and the final decision of case against Google will be taken by an expert team of seven members including CCI chairman – Ashok Chawla.

Though it is believed that report presented by DG contain statements from various parties alleging Google for wrongdoing in India, which include using their dominance by exploiting its customers or excluding completion.

On contacting Google Chairperson, he said, “we are working with CCI on the matter and currently reviewing CCI’s investigation.”

If Google is found violating India’s competition law and lose its case in India, it will affect Google position in the US, Europe, Brazil, Taiwan and Egypt, where it is facing similar kind of accusations and charges.