A Russia-based company Caviar has introduced a modified version of Nokia 3310 after complete luxurious makeover done by the company. However, this handset design theme is based on Putin-Trump edition which signifies the symbol of the historic meeting of Trump and Putin at the recent G20 summit. The handset will come with a price tag of whopping $2471 (INR 159364.67). Also, according to the company, the handset also symbolize “common desire for progress in US-Russia relations.”

The handset features titanium body which is coated with a Damascus Steel ( it is a type of steel used for manufacturing sword blades in the Western Asia made with a Wootz steel). The back of the phone is cover with gold-plated portraits of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Also, there is a venue and date of the meet-up of the presidents which is embedded in the lower back of a gold plate.

This is for sure that the device will be a target to a particular market domain (American and Russian market). The price tag at which the phone is launched is huge and may not impress mass audience.