Casetify customized iPhone case review: Probably the best one out there!

Looking to get a customized case for your iPhone? I think we can help you out with that. Phone covers and cases come in all shapes, sizes and designs for every smartphone out there. Not only are covers essential for protecting the gadget they house within, they also proffer a flamboyant garnish to it. There are disparate smartphone covers coming up these days.

I have a good news for those of you who do not stick to a single cover just to find that perfect home for your smartphone. You can now customize your phone cover all by yourself. could be a saviour if you really cannot find a compelling phone cover. It has covers for all the models of iPhones, iPods, iPads and MacBook. You may also find covers for flagship Android smartphones.

Casetify gives you the option to customize your own case for $40. Brand named as New Standard, the covers come in 3 designs, New Standard basic design, Pastel design and a Classic Snap. The basic design has a bumper, Pastel is a hard case with coloured border and classic snap is a transparent slim hardcover.

The website offers 16 layouts and 23 templates to choose from. You may choose the images from your Instagram and Facebook pictures that you want on the cover. An option to upload the images is also provided. Stickers that are already provided by Casetify can also be used along with 8 creative filters.


I ordered a pre-designed case for iPhone 6S on Casetify for $40, which is around Rs. 2,600. The price for customized cases is no different than the pre-designed ones which makes you wonder why the partiality. Not to mention, the prices are too steep even for a customized case, considering that Live cases for Nexus cost $35.

The case was shipped in a sleek carton and was packed in securely. A hard cushion rested inside the case to prevent any damages during shipping. Also included was a small leaflet with general guidelines about the product.

Custom iPhone Case Build Quality


I chose a blue bumper and a graphic print iPhone Case. The product looked pretty much the same as depicted on the website. The cover has a solid built and can be fragmented into two pieces, the bumper and the backplate. You may toss away the backplate if you do not want to use it and the bumper still sits tight on the phone. The bumper rim around the phone is bit lifted up from the phone surface which ensures screen protection if your phone falls face down.


The cover is well equipped to protect the phone from 4 feet high fall. It has grooves for the charger, headphone jack and speakers that are wide enough. A slit has also been provided to access the mute switch. The cover has keys for volume buttons and on/off button that are harder than you would like them to be.

The case is pretty heavy so the user has to put up with an extra combined weight. The phone camera is well protected by a separate rim that runs inside the bumper.



The matte finish backplate did not look too good on the iPhone since the graphic was partially printed. The print quality on the cover was far better than the average print although the print is embossed out a little bit which makes it vulnerable to scratches and easily fading out.

The bumper colour had a nice saturation although its design was not too refined. Visible linings all over the bumper gives it an average look. The phone slips into the cover quite easily but getting the phone out of it is an arduous task. This is both good and bad since it makes it difficult to extract the phone out of the cover you may drop it however it fits too well on the phone and that reassures that the cover won’t come off even after bearing a high fall.


If you choose to buy from Casetify go for a Pastel or a Classic Snap if the quality is what you are aiming for. However, if you choose to buy a basic bumper cover you get an option to replace the backplate which can be bought for $15. It makes for a good gift since you get to add your own images. Buying a custom designed case is an expensive deal, but if you want to have it, go for it!