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Canon Pixma E4570 Inkjet multi-function printer launched in India, priced Rs. 9,910

Canon has announced the launch of a new multi-function printer in India which the company said can be the best printing solution for small offices, besides catering to the needs of those working or studying from home. Canon said the new Pixma E4570 Inkjet printer is a high yield device capable of printing 400 prints using the black cartridge or 180 prints using the color cartridge. Apart from printing, the Pixma E4570 Inkjet printer is also capable of functioning as a scanner, copier, as well as a fax device. The new Pixma E4570 Inkjet printer is priced at Rs. 9,910 in the country.

The high yield apart, Canon said a huge positive with the new Pixma E4570 Inkjet printer is that both the color and black ink cartridges are affordable and are easy to install as well, besides being easily available throughout the country. The printer is compatible with the PG-47 black ink cartridge and the CL-57S color cartridge for color printing jobs.

For user convenience, the printer comes with an Automatic Document Feeder that is capable of holding 20 paper sheets and can convert written texts and notes into images or PDF files. Apart from this, there is also the Easy-Layout Editor software for Windows that can come in handy when users need to edit any document or a web page.

Then there is the Collation feature as well that can be used to print files of different formats as a single document. There is the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app which lets users perform maintenance or other basic tasks with the printer. That includes setting up the printer, checking current ink levels, printing or scanning documents, and so on. These apart, the Pixma E4570 is compatible with both Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa and can perform simple tasks via voice commands itself.

The Canon Pixma E4570 is already on sale in India and is available via both online as well as offline retailers in India.

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