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Can You Make Money While Playing Rocket League?

Rocket League is still a fun-filled game full of excitement. It dominates the market as one of the top games you must try at least once and get addicted for life.

Along the evolution of Rocket League came a much bigger player base that now counts more than 40 million players worldwide.

As one of the best games on the market, RL slowly became a substantial income source for the players who learned how to monetize their skills and knowledge.

What do they do so well to make a decent living? Can you do the same?

Rocket League gives you options that you can use to make some decent cash while playing it if you’re willing enough to give it a try.

Here’s how you can make your time spent playing RL worth your while.

Trading Items

One of the easiest ways of making cash while playing Rocket League is by trading.

You can trade on platforms like RL.Exchange and sell or buy Rocket League items you’ve earned by playing the game and winning competitive matches.

RL.Exchange will help you make some substantial cash by trading with other players for items that you might not need or you’re looking to make a profit from them.

Some items worth lots of cash, and many players would give anything to own them.

You can trade all sorts of items like cars, boosters, decals, wheels, goal celebrations, etc. Anything found in-game is available for trading on platforms like RL.Exchange and can make you richer.

Obtaining items in RL is only possible by opening drops, and if you’re looking to get some rare ones, you’ll end up waiting for quite some time as they only pop-up quite rarely.

Trading such rare items is the fastest way of getting an item any player desires, and you can use the opportunity to monetize on this demand.

Going Professional

Do you think you have what it takes to become a pro?

If you’re good at the game and you think you got the gift to become one of the best, you can test your luck by going pro.

Professional Rocket League players make a nice living when they win strong tournaments and leagues. You can assemble a team of good players and start competing with others until you become one of the best.

Through hard work and dedication, you can slowly but surely climb the ladder and become a unique player that dominates the game while making some serious cash.

That’s not an impossible task if you’re willing enough to spend a lot of time practicing your skills and learning how to use the game mechanics to your advantage.

Nothing comes easy in life, so if you want to make money by being one of the best in the game, you’ll go through a road full of obstacles until you’ve reached your goal.

There’s one thing you can do to learn how others successfully became pros and now make a living out of it. You can watch their streams and find out what tricks they use to become better at the game.

Streaming on Twitch and Other Platforms

Streaming games on Twitch has become one of the best sources of income for the pros. Their stream generates an incredible amount of cash as they receive donations and subscriptions from the viewers.

Sometimes it seems like there’s a competition in who will make the most money streaming on Twitch. Many streamers often make a couple of thousands of dollars in each session, which is a ridiculous amount of money.

You can show off your skills on platforms like Twitch and make people follow your content, and learn how to become better at the game.

By providing original and unique content on Twitch or YouTube, you can monetize your skills and make a living by streaming and making videos.

That’s a dream come true for any gamer – playing games and making money.

Check out what your rivals are doing by watching their streams and find a way to replicate their success. You can use some of their tricks and incorporate them with some of your original ideas for creating content that will outshine anyone else’s.

Being a Coach

If you’re not good with cameras and want to use your skills elsewhere, you can use your knowledge to train others to become better Rocket League players.

Becoming a coach and charging for your services can make you cash while making others become a pro in Rocket League.

Online coaches have become a new normal in the gaming community, and many jump on the opportunity to monetize their skills.

Dedicated players that want to become one of the best in RL and win tournaments hire coaches to help them along the way.

If you’re good enough and you want to teach others your skills to others, you should consider coaching players who would willingly spend cash to get better. Use this opportunity to your advantage and make some cash by sharing the wisdom you’ve learned the hard way by grinding the game days and nights.

Start by teaching some of your closest friends, and find out if the coach calling is the right choice for you. Like that, you’ll practice your teaching skills before charging someone for your services.


Now you know how you can make real cash by playing Rocket League.

We recommend starting with trading Rocket League items on RL.Exchange, as it’s one of the best ways for making quick cash.

Take our advice as it might help you to become richer by playing one of the most exciting games on the market.

It’s up to you and your taste which way you’ll choose, but in the end, we hope that we’ll soon see you as one of the most successful players in Rocket League.

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