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Can Windows new app-based system save the download casino?

An online casino can be enjoyed on a home desktop computer and nowadays via a smartphone or tablet. When gamblers use their computers, they typically use instant play or in-browser play, but at one time they had to download software to play the site’s games.

When a computer has to download software to play casino games, this is known as a download casino. Players will download software, usually from the casino’s homepage. On the other hand, instant play casinos are played without downloads necessary. They typically use Adobe Flash or HTML5 to make playing these games more convenient.

Download casinos have been pushed to the margins of the online casino word during the last decade, leaving some to question if they will soon become extinct.

A Brief History of Download Casinos

Microgaming developed the initial package that made downloadable casinos a real possibility. This was in 1994 and initiated a new trend of players using download casinos. This craze lasted years but came to a grinding halt when instant play casinos were created at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, this has developed even further into superior mobile casino apps which also require zero downloads.

Microgaming knocked themselves off their perch by also being the company that came up with instant play casinos. Yet, their new creation was not an immediate success – pardon the pun. Their instant casinos could not offer the same number of casino games that their download packages could, meaning lots of online gamblers stuck with their download casinos despite the inconvenience of downloading software.

So, how long did it take for instant play casinos to overtake the download casino? Nothing short of a decade is the answer.

Download Casinos Fighting Back?

Although the online gambling masses have flocked to instant play casinos today – and there are many of them – some people are suggesting that download casinos are not dead in the water just yet. Download casinos still have their benefits, namely that they often run a little faster and boast slightly more advanced graphics – not always!

The difference in speed between instant play casinos and download casinos is minimal and likely only a few seconds. There is a chance, however, that the difference in speed could become more noticeable if online casino players have an unstable or poor internet connection. Lagging kills the casino experience, which means download casinos could still have their place in today’s casino markets.

This may keep them in the game, but something else may just save them…

Windows to Save Download Casinos?

The download casino could have a new hero. With Windows’ new operating system, the casino may become trendy again. Specifically, Windows 10 can play application and eradicate the need for emulators to make playing download casinos more convenient.

Will Windows’ app-based system save the download casino industry? Only time can answer this question.

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