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How Can You Protect Yourself when Registering at an Online Casino?

The registration into an online casino comes with perks and risks in equal measure. There are factors to consider to protect you from such risks.

Don’t Rush into Registration

The allure of gambling on the internet is based on many elements. Key among them is the visual appeal of the best online slots. Slot machines are responsible for 70% of income for both web-based and land-based casinos. Another factor that attracts new players to online casinos is that it is an alternative to real gambling dens. Registering as a new player comes with perks and risks in equal measure. While one may be eligible for welcome bonus offers, the risk of losing private information lingers. The following are the pointers you should put into consideration during the registration process to protect yourself.

  1. Scout for a reputable casino

The reputation of the betting site you are registering into is of prime importance. Licensing and regulation, security and customer services are the major factors that determine how safe an online casino is.

  • Licenses are digital certificates that show the gambling website has been approved in a specific region. Gambling licenses are usually issued by commissions in the UK, Malta and Cyprus.
  • An eCogra stamp is an added advantage as it indicates a successful audition has been conducted and the financial standing of the casino is solid. This ensures your own financial details are in safe hands.
  • A secure betting site offers an extensive Privacy Policy that states that client information is not shared with any third parties except when required by law. Also, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology ensures that data shared between the server and you, the player, is encrypted. This offers protection from hackers and phishers.
  • Finally, the last straw before embarking on registration should be the quality of customer service. Does the casino have a helpline, Live Chat, support email address and/or a FAQ section? All these are vital to better user service and experience.

Once all the above have been established, you can begin the sign-up process.

  1. Read terms and conditions

The checkbox prompting you to accept all terms and conditions usually comes last. More often than not, you just tick it and move on. It is, however, very important to read through the document because vital rules, regulations and general information is contained therein. Doing this will shield you from the end suffered by those who ignorantly breach simple rules leading to frozen funds. After all, ignorance has no defense.

  1. Fill in the required fields appropriately

To protect your long-standing membership to the casino, it is important to fill in the required field honestly. Your name should match with your legal documents and credit cards (if needed). Due to the rise in cons and cheats, most web-based casinos require gamers to upload a photo of a valid passport or ID during registration. Follow these instructions to the latter and you will be accepted as a worth subscriber. Ghosting in multiple accounts won’t last because you will be found out sooner rather than later.

  1. Use complex passwords

When generating a password, it is better it be a complex union of alphanumeric characters and keyboard symbols. It should be simple for you to remember. This system ensures your passcode is strong enough to withstand potential hackers. Weak passwords may lead you to lose access to your account and also expose your most important information to phishers. Needless to say, the effect of that could be disastrous.

  1. Use an alias for your username

It is better when you use an alias as your username. This helps in preserving your anonymity contrary to using your own name. This is more appropriate to gamblers in countries with strict laws on online gambling. Better yet, the system generated username is equally good as it is unique to you.

An alias conceals your real identity shielding you from blackmailers (you are a celebrity in your own right).

  1. Choose a favorable payment method

During the registration process, you have to choose a payment channel that suits you best. The internet payment systems otherwise known as e-wallets are the most secure and the fastest. Unless the casino does not provide them, they should be your first priority. Using PayPal, BitCoin and Skrill among other online electronic banking methods relinquish the need of transacting directly with your bank. As a result, your credit card details are off the grid hence safe.

However, this does not mean credit card users are doomed. A reputable casino prioritizes the safety of financial transactions. Therefore, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are equally confident of the casino’s firewall if they are listed as official banking options.

  1. Security Question

This is an important registration step. Set a personal question and its answer that you will be asked during account recovery. This occurs only in the rare event that your casino account has been penetrated. Providing the correct response proves that indeed you are the legitimate owner of the account. An example of one security question is your mother’s maiden name; an uncommon knowledge that only you can remember.

Once you have followed these seven steps, your protection is assured.

In Brief

It is human nature to mind one’s safety. The same applies to registering to an online casino; your protection is essential. Summarily, using strong passwords, aliases and setting solid security questions is mandatory. Also, looking for a reputable casino and reading through its terms and conditions will serve you well. Finally, filling in the online registration form truthfully will shield you from impending problems with payment.

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