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CamScanner’s Portrait Enhancement Upgrade Restores Treasured Photos

We all have old photos in albums or pinned to corkboards that have seen better days. That memento from a first date that’s a little faded from the sunlight, the polaroid taken with friends from your college days that’s a little scratched, or the sepia-tone portrait of an ancestor long passed. It would be great if we could magically restore them all to their former glory. Thankfully, With ‘Portrait enhancement,’ CamScanner is the right choice for you.


CamScanner App For Portrait Restoration.

This April, CamScanner released an update for their smartphone scanning tool called Portrait Enhancement. This add-on gives users the chance to scan photos onto their phones, restore them in various ways, and save the results. In just a few clicks via the phone’s camera system and app tools, you can transform old photos that have seen better days. You then have the opportunity to share the photos with contacts and maybe print them out for an updated copy.

Why Download CamScanner Scanning App For Photo Restoration?

The concept of this new scanning app upgrade is highly appealing to those that want to enhance old images from a family collection or restore photographic archives. There is a charm to an old physical black and white photo, but they don’t last forever. So, scanning them now where app software can make a difference is a good idea. Scanning images and restoring them is also great for sharing improved digital versions of old memories where friends never had a physical copy.

What Can This New Scanning Update Do To Portraits?

The main reason to give this app update a try is that there are so many tools onboard that can make massive improvements to photos. This includes,

– adding definition to an image,

– enhancing the texture and details on the skin,

– removing scratches,

– colorizing black and white photos

First of all, this app works to enhance portraits and adds definition to images that are perhaps a little on the blurry side. We were short of megapixels back in the day. There is the potential there to make old photos of people look more true to life, in turn providing a better idea of what that person looked like. This is perfect for those working on old family photos who are looking for a strong genetic resemblance.


You can then take this further with the enhancement of facial details and skin texture. Again, this is great for a clearer image of those in old family albums. You can add a little more of today’s portraiture photography techniques to an older subject.

From there, you can take advantage of the automatic detection of scratches, which the app can then repair. Again, this is great for those working on the restoration of family photos and those restoring achieves. A scratch can really detract from an image but either removing a little bit of detail or distracting the eye from something else.

Finally, there is the colorization tool This is the big one for a lot of people looking to use this regularly for improving old family albums. Colorization is incredibly popular when done well because it brings history to life with an added sense of realism. We instantly become closer to the subjects. Before and after images online suggest that this tool is pretty effective at taking the tones from monochrome prints and deciphering the original. This should allow for better skin tones and an idea of what people were wearing.

Sharing Enlarged Images Via This Portrait Scanning App.

In addition to providing tools for altering the look of the image, there is also the option to make miniatures much bigger. You can create enlargements of small photos at either 2 or 4 times the original size. This is great if you want to print these off and have them out on display. It claims to be lossless enlargement too, so all that hard work with the enhancement and detailing shouldn’t be lost in the process.

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The other great thing about this tool is that you don’t have to select just one option for your scanned photo. You can do a full restoration of an old and scratched sepia miniature where you remove the damage, enhance the details, colorize the image, and then enlarge it to a more convenient size.

This Photo Enhancement Scanning App Is Also Accessible And Easy To Use.

This CamScanner app update came out on April 18th and should be easy to access on the app, which is available on both iOS and Android. It is easy to access with the portrait enhancement tab on the camera icon.

This means that you can take a photo of an old image or archive material via the smartphone camera, just like a normal image, and then use the app tool to work on the restoration. The PDF scanner app then offers a preview, which acts as a nice side-by-side comparison with the original image, and you can save the new version once you are satisfied with the changes.

How Much Does The CamScanner Portrait Scanner App Cost?

The downside here is that you only get unlimited access to this tech if you have a premium CamScanner account. To be fair to the developers, they are providing those with the free version a chance to get something for nothing. There are 10 “trial” scans available before it makes you commit to a purchase. So, if you plan ahead, you might find that you have the tools to enhance 10 prized family photos with great results without spending a cent.

Is The CamScanner Portrait Update Worth Going Premium?

The full experience of using this Portrait Enhancement process does require a premium plan, and the tools on offer could be enough to encourage users of the free version to make the switch. The simplicity of the app tools combined with the range of effects and noticeable restorations make this an effective add-on for portrait restoration. You could find yourself scanning and retouching hundreds of photos with ease and creating a whole new family archive – all from your smartphone.