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Call Center Security Tips for Protecting Customer Data and Privacy

According to an estimate from IBM, out-of-pocket costs for security breaches average $4 million per incident, marking a 30 percent increase from recent years. Today, Americans express more concern over data privacy than losing their primary source of income. To maintain the integrity of your call center and protect customer data, be sure to take the following security precautions into account.

Invest in reputable cloud-based software

While it may seem expensive, making an initial investment in high-quality cloud-based call center software can save you time, money, and peace of mind in the long run. Bright Pattern’s cloud-based software seamlessly integrates with platforms like Salesforce to deliver the industry’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution, reducing downtime and costs among your call center when the need arises to integrate systems.

An investment in Salesforce call center integration is also an investment in your customers since advanced cloud-based software can help your call center protect data while delivering relevant information. Salesforce administrators are experienced in protecting data from internal and external threats, and integration with Salesforce can provide your call center with built-in capabilities to control threats.

Identify security gaps

As more businesses transfer data to the cloud, the potential for data breaches and security risks grows exponentially. According to RedLock, over half of organizations have publicly exposed at least one cloud storage device, while nearly one quarter have hosts missing high-severity patches.

Safe and secure migration to the cloud requires a thorough analysis of your call center’s current security system in order to identify potential security gaps and mitigate risks moving forward. When choosing a service provider, read through security protocols to ensure that stringent policies are in place.

After the move, utilize security tools to determine which gaps are a result of your service provider’s security measures and which issues must be addressed on your end. It’s crucial to remember that when underpinning host hardware (VMs) and OS are exposed, every application therein has the potential to become compromised.

Limit access to customer data

Regardless of how your call center’s current security system is run, all employees should be made aware of how important it is to protect customer data and privacy. Gartner predicts that 95 percent of cloud security failures through 2022 will be a result of customer misuse. Therefore, it’s necessary for call centers to have a thorough understanding of how their security system operates.

Although choosing a reputable cloud provider can go a long way in keeping data secure, cloud providers are not responsible for customer misuse. To avoid risks related to misuse, call centers should limit access to administrative functions to employees who are properly trained to handle the task.

Additionally, make sure to secure end-user devices that can access cloud-based data with advanced endpoint security. According to Forbes, it’s especially imperative to deploy firewall solutions to protect your call center’s network parameter if you’re subscribing to an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model.

Stay up-to-date

Many call centers fail to review and update their encryption practices regularly, making them extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to Daniel Burrus, “encryption technologies and processes are evolving at an exponentially rapid rate.” As a result, it is important for call centers to “establish a regular schedule to see if [your] current encryption technology and practices are as up-to-date as possible.”

Protecting customer data and privacy should be at the forefront of any call center’s security agenda. All in all, treating customer privacy as a marketing tool rather than a mandated security operation can help ease customer concerns while driving in more business.

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