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Five things to look for before buying new Headphones


Buying a headphones becomes a serious headache when you are surrounded with a lot of options. In this kind of scenario, we have often noticed people going for the wrong headsets and later on they need to compromise on certain things.

Here we have listed down the important factors which you need to consider while buying a “perfect” headphone for you.

1. How Much and Where Will You Use It?

Your usage and the place where you want to use your headphones is the first important thing which you need to think of. Decide what type of music listener you are. Are you someone who loves to hear music all day long (5+ hours a day) while sitting in front of your desktop in or you are someone who needs portable headphones while travelling which can fit easily inside your pockets.



2. Decide Your Budget

It’s important that you set your budget and stick to it. Otherwise, a brand new headgear can end up making a big hole inside your pockets. If you are looking for headphones that can resist and rough and tough conditions then buying an expensive headphone won’t be productive enough.

Well, it has always been a thing in tech, “The more you pay, the better you get”. But it’s up to what are the things for which you are willing to pay. There are many aspects like Sound Quality, Bass Output, Design and Noise Cancellation. The more you ask, the more you need to pay.

3. In-Ear, On-Ear or Over-the-Ear

There are three different types of headphones that you can choose from. The In-ear comes with small ear buds which sit inside your ears. These are good for people who are looking for ultra-portable headphones. You can carry them easily while jogging on streets and while travelling as well. But if you are looking for some extra bass then these headphones will disappoint.

For Bass, you can go for On-Ear Headphones. On-Ear headphones are like Over-The-Ear headphones. But, ear pads of these headphones doesn’t cover up the ears completely. Although it sits on them nicely. On-Ear headphones are good for people who are looking for a decent portable headphone.

Over the headphones are made for real professionals. Most of these come with a feature of noise cancellation. So, the sound quality is absolutely perfect in these type of headphones.

4. Wireless Can Also Be A Choice!

Wireless headphones are something which you might consider if you are looking to buy one for watching television at night without disturbing sleeping members of your family. In the beginning, wireless headphones struggled to maintain the sound quality that you get in wired variants. But there are better options available these days.

5. Branded Headphones

Branded headphones can give you perfect sound quality. But for them you might end up paying thousands of bucks. If your budget is high then you must go for branded headphones which come from the brands like Beats, Skullcandy and creative. But if you are low on budget (Anything less than INR 2000) then it’s better not to consider the brand as an option.

So these were some of the points which you can consider while buying new headphones. If you have any more suggestions which you would like to suggest while buying a new pair of headphones you can write them down in the comments section.