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Buy Pixel XL and get a Google Home speaker completely free


Google developing a new Pixel range might be all over the internet but the Mountain View company just came up with a compelling reason to buy the current gen Pixel phone. As AndroidHeadline puts it, anyone who opts to buy the Pixel XL automatically qualifies for the Google Home speaker completely free.

Also yes, the scheme is applicable only to the larger and more expensive Pixel XL handset. So if you are willing to splurge more, there is the Google smart home speaker system for the taking. That’s not bad considering that the speaker if bought separately, will cost $129.

Anyone willing to avail of the offer will simply have to select both the Home and the Pixel XL of the desired configuration. During checkout, it is only the Pixel XL that you will be paying for. The scheme started June 19 though and will run till stocks last.


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Further, the scheme is only available in the US. So, those outside of the USA sure have reasons to lament. And if you chose to return the Pixel XL handset, you will have to return the Home speaker as well to qualify for a full refund. The 32 GB Pixel XL will cost $769 while the more expansive 128 GB will come for $869.

Fortunately, the story does not end here as the smaller Pixel phone too has the Home bundle offer going. For that, you will have to head to Project FI to place your order for the Pixel handset. In fact, Project FI is offering both the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets with the Home speaker included in the package.

The offer will, however, be applicable only until July 29 at Project FI.

For those not in the know, Project FI is Google’s own carrier offering. However, Project FI is essentially a pre-paid service as you pay upfront for services you avail for the rest of the month. Mobile data is made available via three networks which the handsets can switch between automatically for the best reception. The Pixel range starts at $649 at Project FI, with the option to make the payment over a 24 month period.