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Busy Webmaster? Reviews & Software for 2020 Traffic

Whether you are a website architect, developer, or coordinator, there’s always one main goal your clients expect you to achieve – get more website traffic. As a webmaster, you know the ins and outs of SEO, paid traffic, referral traffic, retargeting, and attractive website design; however, finding the right website service and software can mean countless wasted hours.

The Internet is packed to bursting with tools and services, most of them designed to save time and take over mundane tasks. If you manage multiple websites, you’ll also be well aware that one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Webmaster tasks are extensive. They include (but are certainly not limited to) managing all aspects of:

  • Hosting
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Customer Services
  • Design
  • Development and Coding
  • eCommerce
  • Macros
  • Project and/or Team Management
  • Security
  • Usability
  • SEO

A tool that saves time and investment for one or more tasks may suit the requirements of some of your clients’ sites but could have negative effects on others. And the majority of tasks overlap, making an all-in-one solution even harder to find.

For example, website traffic – the main topic of this article – fits into advertising, marketing, design, customer care, ecommerce, security, usability, SEO…well, pretty much all of the above. This means you’ll need a plethora of tools to improve overall website traffic, from SEMrush to MailChimp and from Zendesk to Shopify.

The Right Webmaster Tools – Asking Questions

Because of the different needs of client websites, signing up for software and tools on their behalf is expensive; your clients’ usually tight budgets need to cover the cost. This is another reason to get exactly the right combination of tools – when you can show them exactly where their money is going (and justify this), you naturally increase their faith in your abilities.

When you use a generic tool for all client websites that doesn’t suit their purposes to the same extent, the next webmaster they come into contact with will use this to his or her advantage. To successfully manage multiple medium to large websites, a webmaster is obliged to offer a highly personalised service. This means many different tools and various software.

Not an easy task.

Most webmasters already have their trusted list of tools and are likely to stick with these for as long as they can. Only when these tools begin to negatively affect results will they start to look elsewhere. This is too little too late. Not only are you stubbornly holding on to outdated methods in order to avoid navigating new ones, your business will earn itself an ‘old-fart’ reputation.

A successful webmaster keeps ahead. This means leaving the comfort zone and trying out something new. It will take enough of your time to get used to a new solution, so wasting hours or days locating that solution is something you should try to avoid.

How do you know when something you’ve never tried before is right for a website? It’s an important question. After all, if you make the wrong choice you risk losing your clients.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word of mouth recommendations from people in the know is the best reviews available. Real words from real webmasters who have tried and tested tools in different scenarios.

Word of mouth recommendations can be found at business fairs, conferences, even meeting like-minded website managers at the local library or the gym. However, how many of us get the opportunity to enjoy face-to-face discussions about the best webmaster tools (or the worst)?

We are more likely to browse the Internet for hours at a time in our search for a bespoke solution for each website owner. And this is where we face the same problems as our public – too much non-specific information and too little time.

Real-Time Recommendations

The next best thing is to chat with someone online who actually knows a lot about the topic in question. Time and staff-saving chatbots are making a huge impact across the digital world and it is very likely this is who you will speak with when you click on the chat button.

Actually speaking to a human who knows what they are talking about (and who isn’t trying to sell you their product) is a very rare event.

Discussion Groups

You have probably recommended joining or creating a social media group for your clients. You know how incredible this channel’s impact is on brand recognition and how knowledge-sharing increases authority.

As a group member, marketing can join in conversations surrounding products and services to make improvements and test engagement. But a social media group consists of all manner of people – not necessarily all of them will make a useful contribution to a conversation. Unless you join a specific forum or group for Webmasters, the information you receive will rarely apply to your situation.

Want proof? Post a quick but serious question on one of your FB groups right now. Tomorrow morning, read through the responses.

How many of those responses are very helpful and give exactly the information you need?

And how many responses are from people offering their (paid) services, products, or tools?

And how many responses are from people who know even less than you do?

Webmaster Review Sites for More Website Traffic

It is not surprising that the most common way we use to find out more about tools and software is visiting review sites.

And in the case of website traffic, there are a lot of review sites to choose from depending on which of the above categories you want to tweak to bring in more visitors.

The aptly-named Webmasterreviews is quickly gaining momentum among webmasters and marketing experts as an extremely helpful review site in the field of website traffic providers. The reason for its success is that most of the reviews published have been written by website managers and professional marketers. This also means that many of the website traffic providers on this review site don’t get the 4 to 5 stars they might receive on another platform – webmasters are notoriously hard to please!

On webmasterreviews, you can check digital services for ad networks, social media traffic (Instagram), microjob platforms, solo ads, and Etsy traffic. Practically all of these work in the website traffic sector. While you’ll need to go elsewhere for trustworthy reviews on non-paid traffic, we’re hoping this review site expands its selection to include them soon.

Top Website Traffic Software 2020

Another tip for marketers and webmasters comes from a devilish software company called diabolic Labs. Their Traffic Bot software can shoot your client’s website up the Google SERPs by sending traffic to non-AdSense websites.

The software uses multi-threading to increase website traffic – and your client won’t balk at the cost (try one month at just $12.95).

Diabolic Labs’ latest offering is their Alexa Bot software that boosts rankings for voice searches – the most up-to-date way of driving web traffic without scaring your clients with the price-tag.

Buying website traffic via software is a simple step for experienced webmasters; the only requirements for this particular product are Windows OS, .NET Framework 4.6.1, and the Chrome Browser. Via hundreds of ready-to-use and constantly reloaded proxies, high traffic is guaranteed for the majority of client websites.

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