BUSY 16 Launched with Comprehensive Solutions for Business Enterprises

BUSY Infotech Private Limited – India’s leading Business Accounting Software for SMEs launched BUSY 16. It will not be long before the launch of the Business Accounting Software BUSY 16 that has already registered over 6,00,000 SMEs in over 20 countries takes place according to its developer.

Enquiry and Support Management features can be employed concurrently in that the former keeps track of product enquiries and keeps records of actions taken while the latter will help in keeping track of any support provided to both new and existing clients.

The support feature is superb in that one can easily follow the warrant and AMC details of any product sold to the customer. The manufacturing units can make use of the Purchase Indent feature to plan about their material requisition.

However, other companies can use the same feature to identify the consumables required at the departmental level and still follow up on their delivery. It is easy to configure BUSY 16 fit the user’s needs.

The information such as balances, addresses, pending orders and bills, last transactions can be invoked through the use the prominent Party Dashboard feature which displays them on a single screen. Hence, it becomes easy to work around.

Business is very competitive in the current day and age, and everyone is striving to augment their business. Hence, organizations must up their game in the way they integrate information, people and processes according to Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd Managing Director, Dinesh Kumar Gupta.

With its three editions, basic, standard and Enterprise, BUSY 16 is a preferred business solution within different business verticals with small and medium enterprises taking the lead in customer base. As the name suggests, basic edition is for leading traders; retailers and distributors.

The standard edition is mainly for retailers and manufacturers while the enterprise edition is complete with business management solutions and other essentials suitable for enhancing smooth operations within the small and medium enterprises.

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