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BuhoCleaner: Clean up disk and Speed Up Your Mac

BuhoCleaner is for those looking for an app to clean up their Mac storage and boost the performance of the device. It aims to provide a simplified alternative to Mac cleaning apps like CleanMyMac while keeping the functionality and in-depth cleaning aspects. Furthermore, BuhoCleaner is optimized for macOS Big Sur and Apple M1.

Before we start

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To download BuhoCleaner, please visit this link.

Why delete junk files manually is a bad idea?

After using a Mac computer for a period of time, you may often encounter the “the disk space almost full” system prompt. This usually indicates that the hard disk is running out of space.

There may still no enough disk space after trying to delete some files manually. Besides, during manual deletion, system files may be deleted by mistake.

Why do we need BuhoCleaner?

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Compared to manually deleting files to free up disk space, a better choice is to use BuhoCleaner: a professional disk cleaning and Mac acceleration software that can deeply clean up your Mac and free up disk space.

It can intelligently scan and identify junk files. All that is required is a single tap to clean up your Mac Cache Junk. There is no risk of deleting important files by mistake.

Compared with other cleaning tools, BuhoCleaner is easier to use, and the scanning/cleaning speed is blazingly fast. Besides, it will only require the least permissions to complete the necessary tasks, so you don’t have to worry about all kinds of permission pop-ups when using this software.

BuhoCleaner key features

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  • Clean Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Tap — All that is required is a single tap to clean up your Mac Cache Junk.
  • Completely Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use — BuhoCleaner can locate apps that are not useful and Uninstall such apps.
  • Find and Delete Large Files in a Snap — Sometimes, large files are stored in your device storage, but the BuhoCleaner locates and deletes large files within seconds.
  • In-built Duplicate File Remover Widget — It is built to remove Widget or files that are duplicates in your Mac device.
  • Tailored Xcode Cache Cleaner and More — Tailored Xcode Cache Cleaner, which is why millions of people download BuhoCleaner cleaning software.
  • Optimized for macOS Big Sur and Apple M1 — Works perfectly with the latest Apple hardware and software.
  • Speed Up and Boost Mac Performance — When it comes to increasing your Mac’s speed and performance, the BuhoCleaner does a perfect job.


BuhoCleaner has a focus on speed and reliability and comes with support for macOS Big Sur out of the box. It simplifies the process of Mac cleaning and promises a quick performance boost for your devices. It comes from the Dr.Buho team. The team says it is dedicated to helping “Mac users fully enjoy digital life with ultra simplicity”.

In case you seek a professional cleaner APP for MAC, BuhoCleaner is the best choice for you.

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