Bug Found On Instagram Increases Follower Count

July 13, 2015: If you have suddenly seen a surge in the number of Instagram followers, it might be due to a bug, said reports online.

According to a report in TechCrunch, users of popular photo sharing application Instagram were surprised to find hundreds and even thousands of followers on their account. Some users were confused if these were real people.

Thankfully, Instagram was quick to respond and said that the follower count for some user’s accounts spiked up, due to a bug. The company also said that the bug is being fixed, and people will see the correct follower count soon!

In the Help Center of the Instagram website, the company wrote that they have identified a bug that’s behind an incorrect number of members. The company also assured that work is on, and the issue will be resolved soon.

In short, the bug is just the main problem, and as soon as it is fixed, the follower count of the infected profiles will drop to normal soon. There are no real people following anyone for that matter.

Back in the past, the photo-sharing service had deleted a large number of spam and fake accounts at once, which had reduced the follower count for many users.

Reports said that users did complain back then, but it was found that those follower numbers were just inflated.

Sad enough, for some users, it might not be a good news to see the new increase in follower count, as the bug is the cause and will be fixed

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