Brainwavz XFit XF200 Review: It only serves the purpose

Brainwavz XF200 is an earphone from the XFit series, which is made to use during sports and athletic activities. The price of these earphones is Rs. 1,699 and you can buy one from Amazon. Let’s see how these earphones perform on the scoreboard.

Box Contents:

  1. Hard carry case
  2. Earphones
  3. Manual-cum-warranty card
  4. Ear tips of different size


Brainwavz comes in a big plastic package with two compartments; one for the hard case (containing earphones) for storing and carrying earphones and the other for ear tips and manual-cum-warranty card.

Brainwavz XF200 (2)

Hard case contains the earphone, one shirt clip, and velcro cable tie. Ear tips pack contains six set of silicone and one set of bi-flange silicone ear tips. One set of comply foam tips S-400 packed separately.


When it comes to design, these earphones didn’t impress me a lot or I would say the earbuds looks cheap having a non-durable plastic body. Then you’ll notice a mouthpiece with three buttons; volume up, volume down, and a play/pause button.

Brainwavz XF200 (4)

There’s a Brainwavz branding at the back of the controller. The wire is thick and sturdy and never gets tangled even if I put them in my pocket. The 3.5 mm jack slips perfectly into the port in smartphones as well as PC.


Talking about comfort, the earbuds were not much comfortable. According to Brainwavz, these earphones are designed to wear while sports activities, and they solve the purpose because once you put them in your ears, it won’t fell out easily even while running (if you attach the right size tips).

Brainwavz XF200 (5)

I was not able to put these earphones on for more than half an hour as it was uncomfortable. It hasn’t happened to me with most of the earphones of any other brand.

Sound Quality:

The sound of this earphones is impressive, but the thing that bothered me about these earphones is that its base is low. I prefer listening to songs with a high base and always go for those type of earphones. If you are a huge metal fan, then this one is for you because the sound is clear and crisp but when hearing it at high volume, it started ripping my ears apart so I had to turn the volume down (which is recommended too!).

Brainwavz XF200 (3)

The review unit stopped working when connected to the desktop. I don’t know if it was the driver issue or PC port. Well, it worked smoothly with my smartphone and other devices.


  • Comfort fit
  • Average audio


  • Low bass
  • Sound quality not up to the mark


The Brainwavz XF200 do offer good sound quality and solves the purpose for which it is designed. But all the other things are average in these earphones. Moreover, it is overly priced at Rs. 1,699, and you can get lots of other options from other brands that are good and priced lower than this.


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