Brainwavz Koel 3 Brainwavz Koel 3

Brainwavz Koel Balanced Armature earphones review

Brainwavz, the audio equipment manufacturer has their new IEM’s in the market called the Brainwavz Koel which is aimed at buyers looking to get into higher grade earphones. The Koel features a single balanced armature and its shell is made out using a 3D printer. These are the brands’ first BA earphones that come at a very aggressive price tag.

Key Features

  • Balanced Armatures
  • Gentle Bass
  • 3D Printed
  • 24 months warranty

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • Brainwavz Koel earphones
  • Silicone Tips
  • Comply T-100 tips
  • Cable Tie
  • Shirt clip
  • Hard Case
  • User instruction manual

Brainwavz Koel 1


The design is similar to other in-ear monitors in the market. The Koels are unique due to their manufacturing which involves a resin-based 3D printing procedure. They are shaped like a pebble with a wing on the bottom for added fit. The body is translucent with the BA module clearly visible along with the machining marks. The buds feature an MMCX connector with detachable cables.

Brainwavz Koel 2

The cables have a braided pattern and are of decent quality. On the ends, you get ear hooks wrapped in heat-shrink which can be remoulded by applying heat. Inside the package, you get a bunch of accessories as well, one of which is the COMPLY T-100 memory foam ear tips which provide a good amount of isolation. You also get a standard gold-plated 3.5mm adapter.


The Koels aren’t your typical earphones, they do not come with mic or volume and playback controls. The Koels like other IEMs are more focused on the sound aspect. During our tests, we found the single BA system quite sufficient for occasional listening sessions. Just in the case of a single BA system, the module is tuned to provide Highs, Mid and Lows along with a pinch of Bass.

BAs are known for their sound quality which is evident here, with the crystal-clear vocals. People liking songs with vocals paired with a guitar would really enjoy the Koels. The treble is balanced and is overall decent considering the price of the earphones. The overall soundstage is quite average with the earphones capable of producing quality Highs and Lows.

Brainwavz Koel 4

The bass, however, is not up to the mark which is to be expected in a single BA system, so people looking for bass might go for dual or quad BA monitors. Users can still enjoy a hint of bass by using either the right size of the ear tip or the Comply tips bundled with the earphones.


Brainwavz Koel – INR 5,499


  • Decent Build quality
  • Good for vocals
  • Decent soundstage
  • 24 months warranty


  • No Mic
  • Little to no bass

Verdict – Should you go for it?

The Brainwavz koels are great for people looking for either a decent earphone or their first pair of BA monitors. The build quality is top notch and the in-ear fit is not bad either. You get a bunch of accessories inside the package along with the COMPLY T-100 which are great.

The only gripe we have is with the price, considering the brands like KZ which have been very aggressive with the quality and price of their products. For the price of one Koel, you could essentially get the newer KZ ZS10 which had quad BAs and richer soundstage.