Brainwavz Alpha in-ear headphones review: Good sound quality, average build

Brainwavz is not a name which strikes your mind at first when you are looking to buy earphones. Well, things are changing a lot for me (and will change for you as well after reading this review) as I’m starting to like Brainwavz after trying a few in-ear modules from this brand. Brainwavz provides quality earphones in wallet-friendly price.

The earphones I got from Brainwavz is “Alpha,” and after using it for some time, I have started to like it. I’ll start with accessories that you get in the box. – A pair of Alpha earphones, three sets of ear tips (SML), one set Comply foam tips, shirt clip and the instruction manual.



  • Drivers: 8mm
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz – 28 KHz
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB at 1mW
  • Cable: 1.3 m
  • Plug: 3.5 mm, gold plated

Brainwavz Alpha is a basic in-ear module with small and compact ear buds. Earbuds are shiny plastic with a rubber accent running from the wire strain relief to the top. The wire is 1.3 mm long coated with a soft rubber material and it’s tangle free. The 3.5 mm L-type plug is gold plated and angled (45 degrees), which is suitable for smartphones and tablets having the audio port on the bottom edge. Overall the build quality of the earphones is decent and it can withstand the stress while pulling out of pocket or your backpack.

The sound quality from these earphones is noticeably clear and loud. These earphones keep the highs “high” and delivers a good amount of bass which stays even with low volume. Brainwavz Alpha kept the promise of “deep bass” but these earphones are not that comfortable. I tried all the three size tips but it didn’t work for me; they fall off my ears every time even if I’m not moving around much.

The Brainwavz Alpha may not be the best fit but it blocks most of the external noise and keeps the music loud. Even if I am telling you that bass is good doesn’t mean that you can actually feel it, I’ve tried lots of earphones with skull cracking (not actually) bass but you need to spend more money for that. The shirt clip included in the package worked as it should and it works with my other earphones which is great.

These earphones keep the highs “high” and delivers a good amount of bass which stays even with low volume.

Best music genres


I listen to metal often. I’m not a huge fan but listening to the latest hit “Moth into the flame – Metallica” through these earphones really got me because of the loudness and the crisp sound. Brainwavz Alpha is also a good companion for some of the top pop songs like “I took a pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner” (not seeb remix) and “Budapest – George Ezra”.


  • Good bass
  • Great build quality


  • Uncomfortable (for me)
  • I really expected the bi-flange tips

Bottom Line

Brainwavz Alpha impressed me a lot not on the comfort and style level but on the sound and build. The price of this IEM from Brainwavz (Rs. 1,799) is satisfactory and it is easily available on online shop portals. So next time you want to buy new earphones, consider these decent earphones with awesome sound and bass.


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