Bored much? Six Interesting Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

Leave it to the techies to make anything look attractive and interesting, and they will deliver better than anyone else on this planet. Be it books, history or pretty much anything that one would find boring. One Google search is enough to prove this fact. Now, we take it upon ourselves to bring to you five of the most interesting websites that we found online. The will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

Library of Babel

Ever studied algorithms at school? Boring? Tough? Never quite got the hang of it? Well turns out that a few did and some of those have something truly amazing for you. This website contains words that you have ever spoken or are going to speak. If you’re still a student, it has the entire question paper for your next exam. The only problem is that it is practically impossible to find it. This website has 10^5000 combinations (the observable universe has 10^80 atoms). *POW* *POW* contains all the possible permutations and combinations of the letters of the English alphabets.This means that every explanation to any single thought that has ever crossed or is going to cross your mind, already exists in black and white. Do you know what it means? It means that the cause of the death of Princess Diana and why Luis Suarez bit Ivanovic lies hidden somewhere here.

Do not ask how the developer managed to do it. If there is any way to see the future, it starts here.


I have no idea what to tell you about this website. If you are one to take a psychological hit and still not care, then go for it!

This website engages you in a semi-disturbing “trippy” combination of audio and visual effects. Best of all, it allows you to take control of the visual effects, as you hold the mouse down and move it across the screen. Check it out for yourself.


This one for a change does not have mind-blowing graphics, but it does have an amazing concept. The kind that has the potential to bring the world together. It is like an open canvas. People from different parts of the world can go on it and sketch, draw, sign or do pretty much anything that they can with a pen. Remember the whiteboard in school that was used for different purposes. Somewhat like that.

Here, try it.


If you ever found quizzing boring, this is the place for you. This is an open quiz-gaming website that puts pictures of characters from real life and fictional life and asks you to identify them. Still sounds boring? Let me tell you something, when you’re reminded of characters from back in the day, with graphics and music from back in the day. Better still, it looks like you’re watching it on a TV set from “back in the day”.

Tip: Press ‘F11’ for best effects. Go on.. Re-live your childhood.


Ever played the game “Who am I”? Well this one is exactly like that, except the website gets it right almost invariably. You think of something and it will figure it out. Seriously.. What sorcery is this!

The maximum number of questions that I had to answer was 17. That may be a high number but, to be fair I tried it about a dozen times. Prepare to be unboxed.

Tip: this one even has an app on the play store.

The Boat

Okay.. I had to save the most interesting for the last. This one is a book. This one is a book available online. This one is a book with a story. Okay, I won’t take this too far. Here’s the thing, no one likes reading books these days, unless it reads like this. (if your internet is slow/if your device has low RAM capacity/if your flash player isn’t updated, give just a little time to load)

Tip: Use your favourite headphones/earphones.

Alright ladies and lads, leave your comments below if you think we have missed on something.