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Boost Your SEO Strategy by Managing Your Online Reviews


When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), what would be the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps building the appropriate links to relevant content? Perhaps the most crucial might be the use of various blogs and articles to get ahead? While those are all legitimate and crucial parts of SEO best-practice methods, the best SEO agencies in Dallas would argue that it is how a business reacts to online reviews. Without a doubt, SEO has plenty of various solutions to help boost a company’s traffic and revenue, though few things can tank a reputation quicker than a single bad reaction to a negative review.

After all, the learning algorithm used by Google for their search engine makes use of different factors to rank various businesses on the results page. Something as easy to neglect as the name, address, and phone number (NAP) plays a critical part in the search engine’s algorithm. If the citations are not entirely accurate — and there can be dozens upon dozens of different citations for a given business — it could very well result in a lower ranking. The worst part is that it can be extremely challenging to find the root cause, as it could very well be anything.

Considering how easy it can be to negatively affect a company’s place in the rankings, it is only natural that people look for help from the SEO experts. The most crucial part of experiencing success with any marketing strategy would be to remain consistent in one’s efforts. It would also be wise to ensure that everyone is on the same page between the company and the SEO agency. All that aside, here are a few ways to boost the SEO strategy by managing online reviews.


First and foremost, learn how to react to online reviews

An SEO company can only do so much for a business when it comes to providing an adequate foundation for marketing. The use of SEO tools will help ensure that the business always has a means of finding mentions of their business, as well as finding positive and negative reviews on the Internet. The potential trouble comes from the reaction to a negative review.

First and foremost, keep in mind that as a business, it is the responsibility of the company owner to maintain a professional tone no matter the scenario. Few things are worse than someone representing the company fighting with a customer due to a negative review. The idea is to respond calmly, and be as helpful as possible when it comes to probing for more information.

How to avoid terrible reviews on the Internet

One of the unmistakable truths of business management and online reputation management (ORM) is that negative reviews are unavoidable. There will be some out there that will provide one or two-word negative reviews, offering no means of rebuilding the trust. There are even some that will write negative reviews without even trying the product — especially if the company is starting to rise through the search engine ranks. If there is one thing a company owner must accept when dealing with their online reputation is that there is little to no means of avoiding negative reviews.

That said, while there will always be negative reviews, it does not mean that there is no way to handle the situation. For example, some search engine optimization strategies involve shifting the attention to positive reviews and encouraging as many online users as possible who are satisfied with the products to write down reviews. Such a strategy can ensure that for every negative review found, there are twenty more singing the company’s praises. It all boils down to the products and services, as well as the overall consistency of the company in question.

Always look for an amicable solution

As stated above, the ideal solution would be to interact with the customer who wrote the negative review and figure out what needs doing to turn things around. While there are testimonials and feedback that provides no means of turning things around, there will be many negative reviews that are more constructive than scathing. In such cases, it would be a wise course of action to contact the reviewer and see if the company can do something to alleviate the situation. Most people will appreciate the act, and perhaps some might even be willing to put down the review — or even better, turn it into positive feedback. There will always be challenges in business management. It is not about getting rid of roadblocks — it is more about taking the time to rebuild lost trust instead of trying again with another online shopper.

A seemingly negative situation can be turned into a success story

The reason why the best SEO agencies in Dallas are always in demand is that they consistently find the silver lining in potentially disastrous situations. For example, nobody wants a negative review, and a particularly scathing piece of feedback could turn people off from purchasing the company’s products. However, by getting in touch with the reviewer and providing a more amicable and positive solution to their problem, the business owner can turn a negative situation into an entirely positive result. No matter how challenging things might become, there is always a chance to bounce back. It all depends on the company’s willingness to bridge the gap, and a hunger to provide quality services no matter the situation.

To successfully manage online reviews, most SEO agencies will have the necessary tools to help a business stay in touch with their most recent reviews. All it takes for most online shoppers to buy products from an online store is to see that the company cares about their qualms. If they see someone unhappy with the product treated courteously by any business, they will be more willing to give that company a chance. Even startups that are still struggling to make their mark can tackle negative reviews professionally and courteously which could very well boost their popularity.

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