Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD e-writer Review

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The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 is an incredibly thin and well-constructed lightweight LCD e-writer with an 8.5-inch writing surface. The durable LCD screen comes with pretty nice and sleek stylus (at least that’s what company calls it) which resembles similar operations as that of pen and paper.

I got it from Hong Kong, but you can get it online from Amazon at Rs. 3,187.

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The sensitive LCD surface quickly registers accurate pen strokes, which is remarkable. Built in stylus dock also creates a convenient kickstand message board.

It eliminates the need for the paper, scratch pads and sticky notes. You can simply write things and erase. The notes stay as long as you need them and can be erased with the touch of this button. So, it cannot be a complete replacer to traditional methods of writing unless it offers some techniques to preserve our work.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to charge it every then and now as it comes with a replaceable coin-cell battery that lasts up to 50,000 erases. Just replace it and keep writing as much as you want.

The Pressure-sensitive surface allows you to vary line weight, and high contrast writing surface creates an almost luminescent line.

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It’s just perfect for leaving messages, sketching ideas, and practicing anything from handwriting to calculus without killing a single tree — sort of our first few baby steps; you can say towards reducing serious environmental hazards, especially if you are living in the city of New Delhi.

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I used it to note down few really quick yet important things such as grocery list or phone number while running out of time, and also drawing cartoons or cheesy lines was ultimate fun.

Boogie Board can be a good gift for kids as they can learn how to draw or improve handwriting in more interactive and technological way instead of those decades-old methods. This practice also helps in saving a pile of paper.

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There are a few flaws which I am highlighting here — Firstly, there is no way to save the work you have created. So, you may end up using good old fashioned paper or sticky notes and pen down important things. So, evidently, Boogie Board cannot help in that situation.


However, I visited the company website for purpose and found that they also have an upgraded model – Sync, that can be synchronized with Apple, Android and Desktop over software utilities, so that you can save you work. Now this is something I find impressive and innovative.

The device is really fun to use but is surely a bit overpriced. It cannot be a mainstream replacement of anything but it surely is eco-friendly!