Boltt Fitness announced their revolutionary Advanced Fitness Wearables and an Artificial Intelligence enabled health app during a press conference held during CES 2017. The wearables and health app are aimed at helping youth improve their health.

Boltt a new fitness wearable technology company, announced the launch of their advanced fitness wearables and a mobile health app that is AI enabled. Boltt announced their range of products like connected shoes, stride sensors, fitness trackers, and a virtual health assistant named ‘B.’

The AI enabled health App ‘B’ allows the user to enhance their health, lifestyle, fitness training, and overall sports performance. The AI app interacts with the users and gives real-time voice coaching and interactive feedback on health and training, throughout the day.

Boltt Fitness boasts of revolutionary products such as the connected shoes which are embedded with a Stride Sensor which is equipped with functionalities like energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance and balanced gripping ground control for natural movement.

The Boltt Stride Sensor can be worn on the ankle with a band or clip to any shoe to monitor the sports performance of the users.

The founders plan to take the Boltt wearables mainstream by signing up major fitness chains, sports academies, corporates, and schools. They aim to provide proper health guidance to the youth.