‘boAT’ Launches India’s First Lightning Connector Earphones

‘boAT’ recently announced their new in-ear earphones, the DSP-4000, the first to feature a lightning connector in India instead of a standard 3.5mm audio-plug.The DSP-4000, meant for Apple devices, namely the iPhone, iPad or iPod, connects to the device directly with through its lightning port otherwise used traditionally to charge or sync your device.

The new ‘boAT’ earphones have an in-built Digital Audio Converter that gives you a sampling rate of 24bit/48Khz. The earphones promise superior sound quality and its in-ear design ensures the earbud acts towards passive noise cancellation, allowing you the best audio-playback experience possible. The earphones do not employ any sort of active noise cancellation technology and relies on its design to cut out ambient noise.

The DSP-4000 has received Apple’s MFI certification and houses the DAC board in the remote-control on the earphones that allow you to control audio playback and volume. The earphones sport flat cables instead of rounded wires so they stay untangled and more manageable. The earphones maintain playback in a digital format so stereo separation is superior and ensure good quality sound.

Fashioned with metal rims around the earbuds, the DSP-4000 is available for purchase in black with a black flat cable and some red-highlights around the remote-controller’s buttons. You will find boAT’s branding across the lightning connector on the earphones.

The earphones have been available for sale since the 12th of March through their online channel partners Amazon. They are priced at Rs. 4,999. An introductory offer lets you purchase them at Rs. 2,999 while stocks last.


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