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BMW i3 integrates with Samsung Galaxy Gear App

German luxury cars manufacturer, famous for adopting and incorporating excellent safety features in its products has unveiled smart watch app in sync with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. The smart watch app will be integrated with i3 electric cars.

The BMW i3 is an electric vehicle (EV) that is designed to use its stored clean electric energy in most efficient way while offering ultimate driving pleasure to the passengers. Its carbon fiber body is admired for its futuristic design and lightweight without compromising on safety and strength.

Smart watch app will help to monitor the BMW i3 car controls.

The smart watch app developed by BMW for i3 will allow the driver to control the car from the wrist without even touching the car’s dashboard. The app will allow the owner/ driver of the car to send the route details to the navigation system of the car.

Through the app, the driver would be able to control the AC and heater of the car thereby regulating the temperature inside the car just on touching the display of the watch. The app will also monitor the overall condition of the vehicle and other components.

The driver of BMW i3 can even view the charge state of the battery on his smart watch. The app will also enable driver to know whether the doors and windows of the car are properly closed.

BMW is not the first one to integrate and develop the apps for its cars there are others too following the trend. Mercedes Benz has a same facility with Pebble smart watch, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan and Audi are displaying their technological innovations at CES.

The wearable smart gear app will foster a more personalized relationship of the car with its driver and encourage reaping benefits of convenience, safety and security of car.