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How to block internet access on apps in Android smartphone (without Rooting)


Sometimes we have limited cellular data, but whenever you turns on the mobile data, all the apps from the background starts to access the data. There are not lots of firewall apps on Google Play Store to disable the internet access for some apps. All firewall apps need root access to work, but some apps use VPN to blocks the internet for particular apps.

Here we are listing those apps which don’t need root access to work. By blocking the internet for background app helps you to save your battery too and you can have more battery juice for other stuff.

1. Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast is a leading brand in PC antivirus, also released the antivirus security for Android smartphones. This app comes with lots of features to secure your Android device. The feature you are looking for is the “Firewall”. You can edit internet permissions for different apps like Facebook, Twitter and more.



Mobile Security and Antivirus app scan the device for viruses, malware, and spyware to prevent the device from viruses. You can lock your apps using a PIN to keep it safe even if you lost your phone. It comes with a call blocker to block calls from spam numbers; you can add contacts too! This app won’t work if you have your phone rooted or any custom ROM installed.

2. NoRoot Firewall

As the name says, you don’t need root access on your Android phone to firewall the apps. The interface is straightforward and easy; you will get three tabs; Home, pending access and apps. The pending apps tab lists the apps which need to allow or deny permissions. Apps tab contains all the apps which had permissions to the internet.

You can do much more using the custom filters, add some more limitations to the app. You can limit any app to use only cellular data, not Wi-Fi or limit mobile data and not Wi-FI. This app is like the Droidwall, but you don’t need to root your phone.

3. NoRoot Data Firewall

NoRoot Data Firewall is another app to control the internet access on Android devices. It’s also free and doesn’t need root access to work. It comes with many cool features like it supports only background data and let foreground data runs smoothly.


You can analyze and sorts the data usage for apps, check the history and set permission for a limited period. You can add domain filter, domain resolution, IP filter. It also comes with no image mode which limits apps to access images from the internet.

4. DroidWall – Android Firewall

DroidWall app saves your phone battery and data if you don’t have unlimited data plan. This app needs root access to work and won’t work on unrooted smartphones. You can do much more than just limiting the apps to use Wi-Fi or cellular data.


If you are an advanced user (knows more about internet stuff) then you can define iptables rules for different apps. If you don’t want this app and uninstalling it from your phone, then remember to disable firewall and then uninstall this app. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the internet till you reboot your phone.


If you are an advanced user then you should definitely go for DroidWall, the interface is not much attractive but works best. And i presume that being a pro user, you already rooted your phone. Or if you don’t want to go deep into rooting thing then NoRoot Firewall is the best and free app for you.