BlitzWolf BW-PM2 Cable Organizer: Get Those Cables Organized!

Organizing cables on the working desk is a hard nut to crack, and even if you can do, they will get messy after a while. If you get through this situation every day, then you need the BlitzWolf BW-PM2 cable organizer for your desk. They are tiny and comes in different colors so it won’t destroy your custom desk’s beauty. These little cable organizers come in a pack of four and available on for Rs. 262. You can opt for a single color or four different colors in the same package.

BlitzWolf BW-MP2

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The BlitzWolf BW-PM2 cable organizers are made out of rubber and come with a sticky back. You can stick it anywhere on your desk, or even under your desk (if it works) and keep your cables organized. The rubber material prevents the wires from sliding off your desk, so you don’t keep on looking for them at the back of your desk.

BlitzWolf BW-MP2

These little cable companions are not only to keep your desk tidy; you can even keep your wired earphones organized and prevent them from tangling. Setting these cable organizers is very easy; you just have to remove the adhesive cover from the back and stick it to where ever you want it to keep it. And now you are ready to mount your cables on the cable organizer and make the desk tidy.

BlitzWolf BW-MP2

You have to make sure that you are sticking the cable organizer to the right place because once you attach it to the surface, it won’t come out easy. It doesn’t matter how you use it, it will make your desk organized, and no cable will ever fall off your desk ever again. You can mount any size of the cable into the BlitzWolf BW-MP2 cable organizer; it supports all types of wires including the thinnest one, like from your earphones. You can even use them to hang your cables off your desk so you’ll find them whenever you want them.

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