Blaupunkt TVs offering Huge discounts on the Whole Range of TVs on Flipkart’s Big Savings Day Sale! Blaupunkt TVs offering Huge discounts on the Whole Range of TVs on Flipkart’s Big Savings Day Sale!

Blaupunkt TVs offering Huge discounts on the Whole Range of TVs on Flipkart’s Big Savings Day Sale!

Flipkart’s Savings Day Sale that is now Live and this six-day sale begins and will run through 4th August 2023. Flipkart Plus members can avail of early access from today. Blaupunkt TV is offering an exclusive discount of up to 75% and customers can also avail of an extra discount of 10% Off on ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank Card holders. These widely awaited TVs will be available for purchase on Flipkart’s Savings Day Sale Specials, with an initial price of Rs 6499/-.

The Blaupunkt is a sleek and smart 24-inch LED TV with HD Ready resolution available at Rs. 6,499. The Blaupunkt 32-inch LED TV available at Rs.9799, 42-inch LED TV available at Rs.15,999 and 43-inch LED TV available at Rs.16,999.The Blaupunkt 32-inch LED smart TV for Rs.10,499, 40-inch LED smart TV for Rs.15,499 and 43-inch LED smart TV for Rs.17,999 with the CyberSound G2 series.

The Blaupunkt 43-inch LED smart TV for Rs.24,999 and 55-inch LED smart TV for Rs.31,999 from the Cybersound series. Blaupunkt Cybersound Gen2 50 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV  for Rs.27,999 and 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV for Rs.43,499. Blaupunkt TV QLED includes a 50-inch TV for Rs 32999, a 55-inch TV for Rs 36999, a 65-inch TV for Rs 52,999 and a 75-inch TV for Rs 95,999.

These Blaupunkt TVs offer an exceptional entertainment experience, combining easy navigation, personalised recommendations, and top-notch sound. Its user-friendly interface and voice assistant feature streamline the smart TV experience. With a QLED 4K display, HDR 10+, and 1.1 billion colours, each model delivers stunning visuals.

The built-in 60-watt Dolby stereo box speaker, DTS TruSurround sound, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital Plus ensure immersive audio. The sleek designs, including the Allow stand, Bezel-less display, and Air Slim construction, add to its impressive appearance. Additional features include Google TV with Voice Assistant, Dual Band WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.0. The 50-inch and 55-inch screens have 550 nits brightness, while the 65-inch screens reach 600 nits.

Bank Offer- ICICI & Kotak Mahindra Bank

Model ID Brand BAU ID Sale
24Sigma707 Blaupunkt 7499 6499
32CSA7101 Blaupunkt 11999 9799
40 Sigma 703 BL Blaupunkt 14999 13499
42CSA7707 Blaupunkt 18999 15999
43CSA7121 Blaupunkt 19999 16999
43CSA7070 Blaupunkt 26999 24999
50CSA7007 Blaupunkt 29999 26999
50QD7010 Blaupunkt 36999 32999
55CSA7090 Blaupunkt 33999 31999
55QD7020 Blaupunkt 41999 36999
65CSA7030 Blaupunkt 53999 45999
65QD7030 Blaupunkt 63999 52999
40CSA7809 Blaupunkt 17999 16999
32CSG7111 Blaupunkt 10999 10499
40CSG7112 Blaupunkt 16499 15499
43CSG7105 Blaupunkt 18499 17999
50CSGT7022 Blaupunkt 28999 27999
65CSGT7024 Blaupunkt 45999 43499
75QD7040 Blaupunkt 99999 95999

These state-of-the-art TVs leverage the latest technologies to provide an unrivalled entertainment experience. With stunning visuals, vibrant colours, remarkable clarity, and powerful speakers, viewers can immerse themselves in their favourite movies, shows, and games like never before. Blaupunkt’s commitment to delivering exceptional sound quality sets it apart from the competition. The integrated sound systems, including the revolutionary Cybersound technology and advanced audio enhancements, deliver immersive soundscapes that bring content to life.