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Blaupunkt Launches Affordable BTW15 Earbuds with A Power packed performance

Leading German audio and electronics company Blaupunkt has introduced its brand-new, reasonably priced BTW15 Earbuds for music enthusiasts. The new BTW15 earbuds have incredible performance, brilliant style, and high definition music all for an unbelievable price.

Your smile will be the widest at this point. To test out these babies, play your favourite song, and you’ll hear true HD sound with deep bass and highs and lows that are crystal clear. All of this is a result of the incredibly effective and adaptable 10mm drivers. Another high-end piece of technology is the built-in MIC. Your calls will sound crystal clear with the least amount of background noise disturbance. You could claim that the BTW15’s call quality is on par with the best ANC earphones currently available.

These earbuds are really comfy, light, and stylish. You can tell they are made of the best materials the moment you pick them up. The form is fluid without edges and has a smooth feel. Even the charging case is unique since it has an LED display that lets you see how much power each individual bud has left.

The Germans know all about going the distance with tech. And this is reflected in the battery performance. A single charge gives you 14hrs of playtime. The TurboVolt tech inside results in superfast charging times. A 10mins charge results in 30 minutes of playtime. And these are figures that are from the real world. The LED display on the case helps reduce battery anxiety too. You will always know the battery status of each bud through the individual display.

Tap controls are standard across all earbuds and yet Blaupunkt has made this tech even more responsive. Taps are instantly processed and the earbuds obey your commands fast. You can also access Siri  and Google Assistant with ease.

The BTW15 are sweat and moisture resistant that makes it an ideal product for jogs, to the gym and every other place you visit.

The BTW15 are available in White, Black, Blue and Green. These amazing earbuds are launched at an incredible price of just Rs 999/-.